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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

April 2017

This website will bring you as much information as we can find to this single, convenient location. Email us if you find other sources we have missed.
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1 Disturbing Reason Why You Should Stop Drinking Starbucks!


Spring seeds start in the lab - 4/27/17

Glowing Worms Prove Environmental Changes Can Affect Genes for 14 Generation

African Country Ditches GE Cotton, Non-GMO Cotton Output Rises 20 Percent - 4/25/17

beesEurope is Waging War on Insecticides and GMO Crops - 4/24/17

Symbolic Tribunal Finds Monsanto’s Actions Violate Global Food, Health and Environmental Rights - 4/25/17

Bomb attack damages Monsanto research center in Italy - 4/21/17

Agricultural mega-merger could make China leading GMO producer - 4/20/17

GMO crops, neonicotinoids will be phased out on Boulder County-owned land - 4/14/117

Monsanto Sued for 'Misleading' Roundup Labeling - 4/12/17

400 Companies That DO NOT Use GMOs in Their Products

China slows GMO crop exports from U.S. - 4/5/17

New bill introduced in Oregon: farmers can SUE Monsanto for GMO seeds

The Doomsday Vault: Humanity’s salvation? - 4/2/17