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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

December 2014

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Below are older articles from our front page.

Bill Maher slams ‘evil, ruthless’ Monsanto: ‘The Scientologists of the corporate world’ - 12/30/14

22 Amazing Genetically Modified Crops Statistics - 12/31/14


Putin Signs Law to Make GMOLabelling Administratively Accountable - 12/31/14

U.S. foods banned in other countries - 12/31/14

Increased Legal Initiatives on GMO Labeling Requirements in the US - 12/31/14

Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program ® (FVRx®)

Sign The Petition: Do Not Approve GMO Potatoes - 12/30/14

Global Food Safety Testing Market - 12/30/14

Expert predicts interesting times ahead - 12/30/14

Bill Maher
Comedian Bill Maher Comments On Maui’s Monsanto Predicament
- 12/29/14

Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods

Here’s How Monsanto Took Bacteria Surviving In Toxic Waste and Put It In Your Food

U.S. bill designed to block any GMO labeling laws - 12/29/14

A farmer’s view: What to know about GMO - 12/28/14

GMO Crops Accelerate Herbicide and Insecticide Use - 12/28/14

GMO Soy: ‘Extremely’ Disturbing - 12/28/14

Grains of Truth – The Shocking Cost Of America’s GMO Harvest - 12/28/14

Cross ContaminationDespite Ban, Monsanto and Bayer GM Crops Contaminate Europe - 12/28/14

City Council panel backs away from GMO ban it previously supported - 12/28/14

Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods

ChinaMarketMandatory GM Food Labeling a Step Closer - 12/27/14

Stop MonsantoHappy New Year Monsanto: Benton County Oregon Delivers Sufficient Signatures to Ban GMO Cultivation on May 2015 Ballot - 12/26/14

grapesMonsanto’s Pesticide May Kill $2 Billion Wine Industry - 12/26/14

farmerFarmer Interest in Non-GMO Beans, Corn Grows - 12/26/14

Local farmers part of lawsuits against GMO firm - 12/26/14

The Surprising Facts on What Other Countries Get Right About Food Labels - 12/24/14

Farmer suicides: More than what IB can see - 12/24/14

GMO - Labeling Unlikely to Affect US Consumer Prices - 12/23/14

GMOs: the “natural foods” industry is not your friend - 12/22/14

Dr. Bronner's Year-End Report from the Front Lines of the Fight for Cannabis Reform and GMO Labeling - 12/22/14

Shocking Facts About the Meat Industry - 12/21/14

Monsanto Is Pretty Much Eliminated From Russia After Country Officially Bans GMOs -12/20/14

Coca-Cola Capitalizes On Weak Milk Market by Charging Twice The Price For GMO Milk-Based Drink - 12/20/14

Monsanto USDA Study: Mixing Non-GMO Seed with GMOs Not Helping Pest Resistance - 12/19/14

Florida City Mandates Non-GMO Vending Machines - 12/20/14

Bill Gates' human experimentation with GM bananas in Africa condemned by scientists - 12/18/14

Organic Consumers Association Urges Companies to Quit the IDFA and GMA - 12/18/14

These Three Companies For Babies Have GMOs In Their Baby Formula - 12/18/14

Stonyfield's Gary Hirshberg Talks GMO Labeling - 12/16/14

Giant List

Oprah Winfrey to Run Monsanto Ads in Her Magazine - 12/18/14

GMO Debate Polarizes Kenyans, Threatens Investments in Research - 12/18/14

Unapproved GM Mosquitoes Being Shipped to US for Release - 12/15/14

Maui group wins ability to intervene in GMO case - 12/15/14

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO): Profit, Power and Geopolitics - 12/15/14

These Statistics Prove GMO Are Absolutely Not ‘Feeding America’ - 12/13/14

Genetically modified food labels get cool reception - 12/13/14

Organizations Send Open Letter to Gates Foundation Shunning GM Banana Trials - 12/13/14

Jeffrey Smith: GMO Consumer Rejection - video

Kiss Your Grass-Fed Beef Goodbye!

Factory Farm Whistleblower Unveils Disturbing Video - 12/12/14

Uncounted Votes Sink Measure 92 - 12/11/14

Why Rockefellers Aim at Destroying Farmers Worldwide? - 12/11/14

Oregon’s GMO Labeling Initiative Didn’t Pass. Here’s Why We’re Still Winning. - 12/12/14

One of Germany’s Largest Poultry Producers Returns to Non-GMO Feed - 12/11/14

Congressional Hearing Looks at FDA’s Role in GE Food Regulation - 12/11/14

Groups Rally Against Legislation To Keep GMOs Off Labels - 12/11/14

Authorities Reverse GMO Fish-Food Approval over Environmental Concerns - 12/11/14

stop Monsanto
Hundreds Bused to Capitol Hill to Protest Monsanto's Attack on Democracy
- 12/12/14

GMOS and Pesticides: Votes, Heart Disease & Seed Diversity - 12/11/14


Africa Condemns US Human Trials of GM Bananas - 12/11/14

Vermont GMO Labeling Law Under Fire in Congress - 12/10/14

GMO Awareness or Propaganda? - 12/8/14

Americans Want Genetically Modified Foods Identified on Labels - 12/8/14


L.A. backpedals on proposal to ban growing genetically modified crops - 12/8/14

Food Babe Scam: My Response To The Attacks On Me and Our Movement

Huge Win: Monsanto Stock Downgraded After Worst Growth in 7 Years - 12/6/14

GM crops using up the world’s water supply - 12/5/14

Illegal pro-GMO observers accused of disrupting Oregon labeling law vote count - 12/5/14

Oregon. Measure 92 recount: Multnomah County results signal end of hope for different outcome. No other county favored the measure to require labeling of genetically altered foods more strongly than Multnomah. - 12/5/14

NZ Herald is peddling Monsanto's GE Lies

Rally for States' Rights to Label GMOs! - 12/6/14

EU Countries Granted the Right to Ban GMO Crops - 12/4/14


GMO Labeling Debate Headed To Congressional Committee - 12/4/14

Prominent Chefs Serve Up A Message To Congress: Label GMOs - 12/2/14

The truth behind genetically modified organisms (gmo) in your food

Rush Radio - GMO Crop Failures - 12/3/14

Support GMO Labeling T-Shirt

World's largest independent study on GMOs set to launch - 12/1/14

Real Food Co. - Our Los Angeles branch is GMO-Free!

Allowing GMO crops to be grown here is too big a risk - 12/1/14

Sour Deception: Citric Acid Comes From GMO Black Mold, Not Fruit