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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

December 2015

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Below are older articles from our front page.

Study Proves Fluoride Does Not Promote Dental Health – US Teeth “Significantly” Worse Than UK - 12/30/15

onsanto Offered $10M to Prove GMO Safety: Monsanto Never Shows…Monsanto can't prove GMO safety standards - 12/29/15

“Horrific and Hypocritical:” Doctors Speak Out Against Unhealthy GMO-Laden Hospital Food - 12/29/15

2016 Non-GMO and Organic Grain Production Contracts - 12/28/15

monsanto wear

Sugar Beet GMO Concerns Could Affect Minnesota Producers - 12/28/15

Giving Up GMOs Saved My Life And You're Worth It Too - 12/28/15

Afraid of Food Activists, Big Food Is Increasingly Using Dirty Tricks - 12/28/15

Hershey dumps sugar beets because of GM concerns - 12/27/15

California’s Largest Tribe Bans GMO Crops and Genetically-Engineered Salmon - 12/27/15



ANALYSIS: Chipotle is a victim of corporate sabotage... biotech industry food terrorists are planting e.coli in retaliation for restaurant's anti-GMO menu - 12/23/15

Breaking: Venezuela Bans GMOs and Prohibits Seed Patenting - 12/22/15

Vermont GMO labeling law survives congressional challenge - 12/20/15

Congress decides GMO salmon will be labeled - 12/19/15

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food - 12/19/15


Approval for Toxic Herbicide May Be Rescinded, and GMO Labeling Debate Heats Up Another Notch - 12/15/15

Why the “Non-GMO” Label on Tropicana OJ Means Less than it Seems - 12/14/15

Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp: Help Us Stop the DARK Act - 12/14/15

Stop Monsanto: Support Mandatory GMO Labeling - 12/14/15

Label Salmon

Christie Brinkley Speaks Out Against Monsanto, GMOs (& Reveals A Secret About Staying Young)

Oxford Neuroscientist Officially Links Cooking With Vegetable Oils to Cancer, Brain Damage - 12/10/15

Hawaii Sees Tenfold Increase in Birth Defects After Becoming GM Corn Testing Grounds - 12/10/15

GM decision took into account potential economic ramifications for Scotland. - 12/8/15

SC stops field tests on Bt talong - 12/8/15

Grocery Chain Puts Money Where Its Mouth Is, Helps American Farmers Switch to Organic - 12/9/15

The Hunger Game: How GMOs Failed to Feed the World - 12/7/15

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Mark Ruffalo: ‘Monsanto Chief is Horrible’ - 12/5/15

Putin Wants Russia to Become World’s Biggest Exporter of Non-GMO Food - 12/3/15


Mcdonald's Closing Restaurants: Clean Food Movement Sweeping America

Global Food, Farming and Environmental Justice Groups to Put Monsanto on Trial - 12/13/15

Consumers Want Mandatory Labeling for GMO Foods - 12-2/15

Here's how to do GMO labeling so everyone wins - 12/2/15