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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

January 2014

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Daily Courier: Iowa Farmer Warns Jackson County Of GMOs - 1/31/14

Ghana: FYMM Petitions Parliament Over Plant Breeders Bill - 1/31/14

Scientists condemn retraction of GM study - 1/31/14

The end of the GMO era? Even Monsanto appears to be backing off - 1/30/14

Plan To Require GMO Labels Reviewed By Rhode Island Lawmakers - 1/30/14

The GRAS Process: How Companies Legally Add Ingredients to Food - 1/30/14

Occupy Monsanto: 11 protesters arrested, as GMO-labeling resolution fails - 1/30/14

You are what you eat' Third-generation Iowa farmer (and registered Republican) speaks out against GMOs - 1/30/14

Report: Common GMO Tobacco Virus Potentially Linked to Bee Deaths - 1/30/14

butterflyMonarch Butterflies Can Survive the World's Most Amazing Migration—But GMOs Are Wiping Them Out - 1/30/14

ESSAY OF THE WEEK Sorry, Big Food. GMO Labeling Laws Are Legal

'You are what you eat' Third-generation Iowa farmer (and registered Republican) speaks out against GMOs - 1/30/14

Scientists Create Test to Detect GMOs in Food

Occupy Monsanto Protesters Push Labeling Resolution at Annual Shareholder Meeting - 1/30/14

The GRAS Process: How Companies Legally Add Ingredients to Food - 1/30/14

Occupy Monsanto: 11 protesters arrested, as GMO-labeling resolution fails - 1/30/14

GMO measure gaining foes - 1/29/14

GMO measure gaining foes - 1/29/14

Farmer Reports: GMOs Causing Deformities, Birth Defects in Piglets - 1/29/14

Genetic Engineering Companies Promised Reduced Pesticide Use … But GMO Crops Have Led to a 25% Increase In Herbicide Use - 1/27/14

Groups slam changes to food labeling regulations - 1/27/14

12 Fish to Stay Away From

Report: Common GMO Tobacco Virus Potentially Linked to Bee Deaths - 1/30/14

Angry farmers hit the streets over GMO - 1/28/14

Senate committee passes GMO bill in 3-0 vote - 1/28/14

Activists Halt Monsanto Seed Plant Construction in Argentina - 1/27/14

American Farmers Abandoning Genetically Modified Seeds: "Non-GMO Crops are more Productive and Profitable" - 1/27/14

More questions on GMO foods than answers - 1/26/14

BT cellsMonsanto's BT-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells - 1/25/14

Ghana: Are Genetically Modified Crops Finally On Their Way Out? - 1/24/14

Junk Food Lobby Brings Its Bag of Dirty Tricks to New Hampshire to Fight GMO Labeling - 1/23/14

Why GMO-Free Cheerios Are Nice, but Far from a Major Victory - 1/23/14


States push for labeling of genetically modified foods - 1/23/14

House Bill Would Preempt County's Anti-GMO Law - 1/23/14


Government scientist-whistleblower to speak in Windsor on food safety - 1/23/14

Is GMO Butter Secretly Ruining Your Health? - 1/22/14

Shock: NBC's Today Show Airs Report on Non-GMO Shopping - 1/22/14

Hawaii Bans GMO Bieotech, Citizens Cheer in Excitement - 1/22/14

Syngenta AG : Grain Groups Request Syngenta Stop Selling Some GMO Corn Seeds -- Update - 1/23/14

Jeremy Ring Sponsors GMO-Labeling Bill in Florida Senate - 1/22/14

GMO activists stge protest outside Greenpeace's Brussels office - 1/22/14

Biotech Jerks Sue Kauai for Restricting GMOs - 1/21/14

Atlantic SalmonCanada sued over approval of "toxic" GMO salmon - 1/21/14

Banned in 160 Countries, But Not America -1/21/14

New Test Pinpoints Genetic Modifications in Food, but Labeling Debate Rages On - 1/21/14

Remember the GMO Fed Rats? - 1/20/14

State again considers GMO labeling Washington debates move. - 1/19/14

GMO-free bioscience to feed Africa's farming families - 1/19/14

Separate facts from fantasies in GMO debate - 1/18/14

GMO's Benefit No One but Multinationals Like Monsanto (Opera Mundi, Brazil) - 1/18/14

Nearly all gum and candy contain either toxic GMO corn syrup or nerve-disrupting aspartame - 1/17/14

Food companies, advocacy groups urge GMO labels - 1/17/14

"FOOD" documentary: A Revealing Look at the Sourcing of Our Modern Food Supply - 1/17/14

Genetically modified mosquito plans draw opposition - 1/17/14

You Will Never Look At Sweet Potatoes The Same Way After Seeing This Little Girl's Experiment - 1/17/14

No to GMO: "We are clearly lacking evidence on the safety of this new strain" - 1/16/14

Genetically modified crops enter Russia - 1/16/14

Post Foods informs GMO Inside that Grape-Nuts Original will be Non-GMO Project Verified and will be available starting in January 2014 - 1/16/14

Ben & Jerry's, Stonyfield, Amy's, join forces to urge Obama to fulfil 2007 'pledge' on GMO labeling - 1/16/14

Argentina suspends construction of Monsanto's unconstitutional GMO seed plant - 1/16/14

America's GM backlash should give Britain food for thought - 1/16/14

GMO Victory: Maine Second State to Enact GMO Labeling - 1/15/14

Pro-GMO Food Industry Fights to Keep Costs of Its Big Legal Fight Secret

"Fakethrough!" New Report Shows How Easily Media Was Duped by Claims of GMO "Breakthroughs" - 1/14/14

Supreme Court hands Monsanto victory over farmers on GMO seed patents, ability to sue - 1/13/14

Kauai To Use Pro-Bono Lawyers To Fight GMO Suit - 1/13/14

Sen. Dave Koehler to push GMO food labels - 1/12/14

GMO: Are genetically modified crops safe in your dog food?

No GMO: UK to Conduct Absolutely No GMO Trials in 2014 - 1/12/14

3 companies sue to block Kauai's new law on GMOs, pesticides - 1/11/14

Mainstream Media Blakout: Maine Passes GMO Labeling Law - 1/11/14

Selecting seeds from catalogs for Spring - 1/10/14

Monsanto and Jay-Z strike human GMO deal - 1/10/14

Your Children to be Used as Guinea Pigs for New GMO Vaccine - 1/10/14

McDonalds Removes Employee Website After Advising Against Own Food - 1/9/14

Farmers File Last-Ditch Effort to Protect Selves Against Monsanto - 1/8/14

Organic Growers Moving Forward With Monsanto Seed Patent Lawsuit - 1/9/14

LePage signs bill to label genetically modified food Maine becomes the second state to pass a law requiring food producers to label GMO food, but other states must follow before it goes into effect. - 1/9/14

tazmaniaThe Tasmanian Government has imposed an indefinite moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops in the state. - 1/9/14

Food industry's secret plan for a GMO (non)-labeling law - 1/8/14

UK farm minister calls for EU to approve GM corn in vote - 1/7/14

Americans Overwhelmingly Want GMO Labeling…Until Big Companies Pour Money into Election Campaigns - 1/7/14

'GMO Ticking Time Bomb' A Must-See Documentary - 1/7/14

GMO Bites

McDonald's poised to embrace new GMO potato farming in 2014 and beyond - 1/7/14

don't betrayStop Monsanto's secret plan to Kill GMO labeling

GMO Victory? General Mills says Cheerios are non-GMO, but they are made from oats in the first place! - 1/5/14

Hypocrisy Defined: A Month Before Cheerios' GMO Removal Announcement, General Mills' CEO Lobbied the FDA to Make GMOs "Natural" - 1/4/14

GMO Food-Worse than We Thought-Dr Russell Blaylock Renown Neurosurgeon (Video Report) - 1/4/14

Chicken Poop: Thanks to the FDA, it's What's for Dinner - 1/4/14

GMO and 'Natural' Food Fight - 1/4/14


Love or Hate Mutant Cereal, GMO-Free Cheerios Are an Empty Gesture -1/3/14

General Mills feels pressure on GMO Cheerio ingredients - 1/3/14

Genetically altered 'Arctic' apples may be headed to market - 1/3/14

Research on Corn Pest Finds No Economic Benefit to GE Corn in the Northeast - 1/3/14

Fox News Shockingly Reports The Truth On GMOs

End double standards in evaluating GMO safety studies – say scientists

Portion control -- how the government plans to dictate what's on your dinner table in 2014 - 1/3/14

Government could eliminate restrictions on corn, soybean seeds modified to resist weed killer - 1/3/14

How Government Allows Dangerous Additives Like MSG To Stay in Our Food - 1/3/14

Tell the USDA to Stop Dow Chemical's "Agent Orange" Crops

USDA May Deregulate Corn And Soybean Seeds Able To Withstand Weed Killer Used In Agent Orange - 1/3/14