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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

June 2014

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What Chemicals are Really in Coca-Cola’s Coke Soda?

Attorney General Rejects GMA’s Attempt to Throw out GMO Labeling Laws - 6/30/14

GMO Labeling in Massachusetts: 142 of 195 Legislators Support GMO Labeling - 6/30/14

GMO Insulin Causes Type 1 Diabetes in Type 2 Diabetics, Study Finds - 6/28/14

Leaked Document from GMO Co. Misleads Consumers, Threatens to Sue Opposing States - 6/29/14

Leaked Document from GMO Co. Misleads Consumers, Threatens to Sue Opposing States - 6/28/14

Conflicting Science on the Safety of Genetically Modified Foods - 6/26/14

Monsanto Tries to Patent & Control Natural, Non-GMO Tomatoes - 6/26/14

Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Found To Be 125X More Toxic Than Regulators Claim

GMO advocates ignore failure of golden rice, quietly move on to GM bananas - 6/26/14

Will GM Crops Collapse the Food System? - 6/25/14

Study on genetically modified corn, herbicide and tumors reignites controversy - 6/25/14

From His Cold, Dead Hands: Colbert Won’t Let Go of GMO Ice Cream - 6/25/14

Dis-Honest Tea CEO in Hot Water? Why Organic Brands Must Dissociate Themselves from Junk Food Industry - 6/24/14

The Netherlands Say NO to Glyphosate, Monsanto’s RoundUp Herbicide!

Seralini study republished - 6/24/14

Consumer Reports Poll Shows 92% of Citizens Want Strick GMO Regulations - 6/24/14

Printable List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers

Why Organic Is Not Just a Fad or Trend

Genetically Manipulated Crops: The GMO Catastrophe in the USA. A Lesson for the World


How Wal-Mart Threatens Organic Food - 6/24/14

Putin Order War Alert Over US Introduction of GMO to Ukraine. – REGARDS IT AS DANGER TO RUSSIA’S NATIONAL SECURITY. - 6/23/14

800 Scientists Demand Global GMO “Experiment” End - 6/23/14

Consumer Reports Poll: 92% of Americans Want GMO Labeling - 6/23/14

RoundUp Linked to Altered Testicular Function Just Days After Exposure - 6/22/14

Vermont and the People are “Fighting Monsanto” for their Lives and For Now “They are Winning” - 6/20/14

The hazards of genetically modified foods (GMO foods) - 6/20/14

Australia planning to produce GMO milk

Awesome: Oregon Aims to Be First State to Map GMO Fields - 6/19/14

Aspartame: New Name, Same Health Risks - 6/19/14

Why GMO Bananas may not be the Solution for Vitamin A Deficiency

Over 400 Companies Who Aren’t Using GMOs In Their Products

Genetically Modified Maggots may Appear in Fruit Due to GMO Fruit Fly Experiment in Brazil - 6/19/14

Pre-Hispanic Corn Gods Protest Genetically Modified Maize in Mexico City - 6/18/14

The Kaua'i Cocktail: Why Residents of Hawai'i Are Outraged by GMO Farming on Kaua'i - 6/18/14

Thanks To The Supreme Court, Our Food Is Getting More Transparent - 6/17/14

Genetically modified ‘super banana’ to be tested on Americans - 6/17/14

Farmers See Better Animal Health with Non-GMO Feed, But Scared to Say So - 6/17/14

Contamination of Natural Kaua'i: Rare Plants and Wildlife at Risk - 6//17/14

Monsanto Sues Vermont, Claims First-Ever GMO Labeling Law in U.S. Violates Free Speech - 6/16/14

How Ben & Jerry's says goodbye to GMOs - 6/15/14

Groups are paying big money to stop NY lawmakers from passing law that would require GMO food labels - 6/15/14

Swarm the GLobe to Save the Bees: A Call to Action Not SPonsored by Bee Killers - 6/15/14

Monsanto Visits Local School for 47 Minute Propganda Presentation
- 6/15/14

How 8 Industries Have Swayed Science at the Expense of Public Health - 6/14/14

Farmers See Better Animal Health with Non-GMO Feed, But Scared to Say So - 6/14/14

Did EU Ministers OK 'Poisoned Chalice' That Will Open Floodgates to GMO Crops? - 6/12/14

Wave of GMO Labeling Victgories Emboldens Movement to Take Back Food Democracy - 6/12/14

Is this the End of Diet Soda? Huge Study links Aspartame to Major Problems, Sales Drop... - 6/12/14

China orders hunt for facilities illegally producing genetically modified food - 6/11/14

Want GMO labeling in New York? Here's who to pressure - 6/11/14

Pesticide and GMO Companies Spend Big in Hawai’i - 6/11/14

US Offers Aid to El Salvador, Pressures Them to Buy Monsanto GMOs - 6/11/14

Second Lawsuit Filed Against County’s Anti-GMO Law - 6/11/14

Bee Killers Sponsor National Pollinator Week - 6/11/14

Clif Bar, other food companies donate $140,000 to GMO labeling initiative: Oregon campaign finance - 6/11/14

Russia requesting int'l GMO watchdog agency be made, as US lags behind with food standard - 6/10/14

Monsanto Contaminating African White Bread with GMO Soy - 6/10/!4

I Went to the Nutritionists' Annual Confab. It Was Catered by McDonald's.


Effective Immediately: France Bans All GMO Cultivation - 6/9/14

FDA rules jeopardize Vt. cheese industry - 6/8/14

China bans GMOs from army food supply - 6/7/14

You Won’t Believe What Roseanne Barr Called Monsanto As She Uses Her Popularity To Raise Awareness- 6/6/14

Maui Initiative to Ban GMO Crops Gets Enough Signatures for Ballot

Five Reasons to Boycott Starbucks

Fairfield's Public School Cafeterias GMO Free - 6/6/14

Monsanto plans to patent genetically modified marijuana in Uruguay

Vermont's new GMO law may upend food industry nationwide - 6/6/14

The Environmental Effects of Genetically Modified Crops Resistant to Insects

Pakistan High Court Bans GM Crop Licenses for GMO Corn, Cotton - 6/6/14

MIT Researcher’s New Warning: At Today’s Rate, Half of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic (by 2025) - 6/5/14

kyrgyzstan bans all gmo products and gm crops!

Chemtrails Killing Organic Crops, Monsanto’s GMO Seeds Thrive


Monarch butterfly decline linked to spread of GM crops, New Study - 6/5/14

Toxins in Baby FoodFive Hidden Toxins Found in Baby Products - 6/7/14

Five Reasons to Boycott Starbucks -- 6/5/14

Debunking the myth that GM foods create greater yields: Conventional methods still more successful - 6/5/14

World needs UN GMO watchdog – Russia - 6/5/14

GMO OMG‘GMO, OMG:’ Is This the End of Real Food?

Atrazine: Syngenta's herbicide doesn't just poison frogs - it could give you cancer - 6/2/14

The Monsanto Protection Act, essentially both written by and benefiting Monsanto Corporation, has been signed into law by United States President Barack Obama. The infamous Monsanto Corporation will benefit greatly and directly from the bill, as it essentially gives companies that deal with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds immunity to the federal courts, among other things.

The bill states... -->

Agriculture And Biotech Giant Monsanto Controls America? - 6/2/14

Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against High-Fructose Corn Syrup Makers and GMO Labeling Moves Forward - 6/2/14

Obama: GMO Lies and Alliances You Need to Know - 6/1/14

Donations made to defend state's GMO labeling law - 6/1/14