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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

November 2012

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Below are older articles from our front page.

Science journal urged to retract Monsanto GM study - 11/30/12

African Union requested to ban GM crops in Africa - 11/30/12

Nine Visalia students hospitalized after drinking concentrated 'flavor enhancer' - 11/30/12

High-Fructose Corn Syrup - A Name To Remember and Avoid -11/30/12

Tell Congress to Dump the Monsanto Rider

Seeds of Discontent (The Talk of Maine)

Health: Drop that Diet Coke and Ramen! An ingredient that harms your health - 11/30/12

State's Decision To Ban GM Crops Hasty, Firms Say - 11/29/12

Congress Is Back. And So Is Monsanto's Sneak Attack.

Kaiser Permanente Highlights Risks of Genetically

'Stop deceiving consumers on BVO': 180,000+ signature petition tells Gatorade - 11/29/12Modified Foods - 11/29/12

Attack on the Heart of Biodiversity - 11/29/12

How to ensure no schoolchild dies of an allergy attack - 11/29/12

Don Bosco Foundation for Sustainable Development Inc. strengthens biodynamic and organic farming in Mindanao - 11/28/12

Victoria Mikhail: How does your garden grow - 11/28/12

DuPont Sends in Former Cops to Enforce Seed

Methyl Iodide Uses To Formally End in the U.S. - 11/28/12

Organic Seed Alliance

Top Breakfast Cereals that Contain Monsantos GMO Corn

Patents: Commodities - 11/28/12

Peru Bans Genetically Modified Foods as US Lags - 11/28/12

Taking Over for Monsanto, DuPont Hunts Down Farmers for Violating the "Intellectual Property" of GMO Seeds - 11/28/12

Shumlin supports GMO labeling concept, but says legislation would likely be trounced by the courts - 11/28/12

Honolulu City Council votes against GMO bill in counties legislative package - 12/10/12

Too many doubts remain to be confident in genetically modified food - 11/27/12

Honolulu City Council votes against GMO bill in counties legislative package - 11/27/12

Your Meat on Drugs and What to Do About It - 11/27/12

400 African organisations call for ban on GM crops - 11/27/12

GMO Labeling Fight Gains Momentum Across US - 11/27/12

African Civil Society calls on the African Union to ban genetically modified crops - 11/27/12

The GMO Lightning Rod - 11/26/12

Green Festival LA: Interview Rachel Linden GMO Free USA (Part 2) - video - 11/26/12

Election defeat raises stakes for just saying no to GMO - 11/26/12

Corporate Giant Comes Out Against GMOs - 11/26/12

GMO labeling bill may die on the vine - 11/26/12

Is Genetically Modified Food Killing Us? - 11/26/12

Peru Passes Monumental Ten Year Ban on Genetically Engineered Foods - 11/26/12

Scientist: Many Pro-GMO Corporate Biologists Own GMO Patents, in Bed with Monsanto - 11/25/12

Those bugs 'are going to outsmart us' - 11/24/12

Mexico Officials: Allowing GM Corn Will Devastate Crops
- 11/24/12

EPA Seeks Comments on Monsanto's Request for Experimental Use of Genetically-Modified BT Corn - 11/24/12

The Fight for Corn - 11/24/12

SC seeks records of food safety panel on soft drinks - New Delhi - 11/23/12

You Have The Righ To Know What's In Your Food - print your own labels

Aspartame and Saccharine; The Sweet Misery and a Poisoned World

Mexico Officials: Allowing GM Corn Will Devastate Crops - 11/23/12

Maker of methyl iodide ends U.S. EPA registration - 11/22/12

Mexico Officials: Allowing GM Corn Will Devastate Crops - 11/22/12

Monsanto Co. seeks to take over Mexico's heartland with GM maize - 11/22/12

Interesting Dialogue with a Former Monsanto Employee - 11/22/12

GMOs in Mexico: A Crime Against Peasant And Indigenous Maize; A Crime Against Humanity - 11/22/12

Genetically modified crops threaten organic agriculture - 11/22/12

Driving factors in the food additives market - 11/22/12

The battle begins in Washington to label GMO'S!!! - 11/22/12

Genetically modified crops threaten organic agriculture - 11/22/12

Organic Farmers Slam Genetically Modified Crop-Friendly USDA Report - 11/21/12

The Quiet, Official End of Methyl Iodide in the U.S. - 11/21/12

Maker of controversial strawberry fumigant agrees to end US EPA registration and sales - 11/21/12

Red alert! GMO avalanche in Mexico - 11/21/12

GMO Food Battle Not Lost - 11/21/12

Enjoy Life Enjoys Non-GMO Project Verification - 11/20/12

Lose The Battle, Win The War? - 11/20/12

6-year prison term in state's 2nd organic fraud case - 11/20/12

Keep Your Government Hands Off My Genetically Modified Food! What's Next After Prop 37 - 11/20/12

The Genetically Modified Food List (Including Some You Thought Were Safe) - 11/20/12

GMO Labeling Fight Moves to Washington State - 11/20/12

Local Anti-GMO Activists Regroup After Prop. 37 Defeat - 11/20/12

Don't Be a Lab Rat - 11/19/12

Food Coop Hopeful Despite GMO Labeling Defeat - 11/19/12

Armyworms Develop Resistance to Genetically Modified Corn - 11/19/12

Kenya - Importation of all GMO foods banned - 11/19/12

Obama Official Comments on Administration's GMO Labeling Stance - 11/19/12

Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill Hearing Set for November 27 in City Council - 11/19/12

Beyond Kashrut: GMOs and Jewish Law - 11/19/12

Church resolution on GMOs vindicates Ledyard farmer - 11/18/12


Genetically modified crops - 11/17/12

After GMO Labeling Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Themselves - 11/17/12

Group Pushes for Genetically Modified Food to be Labeled - 11/17/12

Educating more Effectively about GMOs - 11/16/12

Thank your Heroes of Yes on 37 to Label GMOs!

Why the government doesn't—and shouldn't—regulate which foods are "natural." - 11/16/12

Payback Time: Boycott the Organic and 'Natural' Traitor Brands that Helped Kill Prop 37

Lines drawn on GMOs in Costa Rica - 11/16/12

Monsanto Avoids Official French Hearing on its GM Maize - 11/16/12

With Thanksgiving Approaching, GMO Inside Shows Consumers How To Avoid Genetically Modified Food On Their Holiday Tables - 11/15/12

Grassroots: After GMO Labeling Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Themselves - 11/15/12

Rootworms damaging Syngenta crops, researchers say - 11/15/12

HUMBOLDT CAN: Labeling makes avoiding GMO food affordable - 11/14/12

Food Allergies And Genetically Modified Organisms - 11/14/12

Up next? Fumigant-free strawberry fields - 11/14/12

Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer: How Processed Foods are Killing Us All - 11/14/12

Proponents Vow To Continue GMO Labeling Fight - 11/14/12

Just Label It - video

What Are GMO's, And What Health Risks Do They Pose? - 11/14/12

California's Failed Proposition on Genetically Modified Foods Hasn't Stopped Activists in Connecticut - 11/14/12

What's in the food your family eats? New state initiative to force GMO labeling - 11/13/12

Aspartame: The most dangerous food additive of all. Dr. Mercola explains - 11/13/12

What's in the food your family eats? New state initiative to force GMO labeling - 11/13/12

death cupcakes
The Dangers of Aspartame
- 11/12/12

"Exposing the Roots of Genetically Modified Crops: The Monsanto Factor" - 11/12/12

7 Reasons Why Prop 37 Is Not A Failure - 11/12/12

GMO crops around the world in 2010 & 2011 – map - 11/12/12

Organic Consumers Association Statement On California Prop 37 Uncounted Votes - 11/12/12

How Dangerous Is Genetically Modified Food? - 11/12/12

In Case You Forgot: GMOs Also Cause Weight Gain - 11/12/12

Florida Politicians Who Voted to Remove Fluoride Run Out of Office - 11/12/12

Fight Continues For Health Conscious Legislation in California, Nation - 11/12/12

Washington County Bans Growing of GMOs - 11/12/12

Goldfish Crackers targeted in 'natural' lawsuit over genetically engineered soy as Prop 37 supporters launch 'GMO inside' initiative - 11/12/12

This Month's News from the Genetically Modified Food Debate November 2012

Organic Restaurants and the Organic Food Advantage

Toxicology Expert Explains Why Aspartame is so Dangerous to Your Health - 11/11/12

SC seeks fresh report on GM crops - 12/12/12

Straightforward dialog about GMOs - audio - long, but well worth listening to

Various articles on GMOs

California Voters Reject Proposition 37, Now What?

Are Genetically Modified Insects The Next Step For The GMO Industry? - 11/9/12

Canada introduces new regulations to accelerate food additive authorization - 11/9/12

University of Wisconsin Student Awarded One of Nation's First Organic Plant Breeding Fellowships - 11/9/12

Washington County Bans GMO Cultivation - 11/9/12

Prop 37: The Many Wins Behind the Loss. It was a mighty fight. And it's not over yet. - 11/9/12

The People's Take On Prop 37 Vote Fraud, GMOs and The Right To Know What's in Your Food - 11/9/12

Did Prop 37 really lose or was it vote fraud? - 11/9/12

Private Company Has GRAS Information FDA Might Not Have - 11/9/12

RE: Ghana to begin GMO Testing - 11/9/12

How to keep GMOs out of your kitchen and off your table - 11/19/12

How to Avoid GMOs: What the USDA Organic Symbol Means - 11/8/12

Harper Government Takes Action to Improve Food Safety - 11/8/12

Next Steps for the Labeling Movement - 11/7/12

Harper Government Takes Action to Improve Food Safety - 11/8/12

GMOs: Your Family is Eating Them and You Don't Even Know - 11/8/12

After Halt to Planting, Court Orders Eradication of Unlawful GE Plants on Southeastern Wildlife Refuges - 11/8/12

Food security: Politicians too scared to tell 'the truth' - 11/8/12

Lies, Dirty Tricks and $45 Million Kill GMO Labeling in California - 11/8/12

Oregon court temporarily halts GM canola plantings after determining crop will cause 'irreparable harm' to important growing region - 11/8/12

Prop. 37, GMO labeling, popular in Mendocino Co., failing statewide - 11/7/12

san juan
San Juan County bans the growing of GMOs
- 11/7/12

Groups want to keep genetically modified crops and Monsanto out of Costa Rica - 11/7/12

GM crops should go back to the lab - 11/7/12

Prop 37 GMO Labeling Law Defeated By Corporate Dollars And Deception, Proponents Say - 11/7/12

Food activists look to other states after failed California measure - 11/7/12

Despite Prop. 37's Defeat, the Fight for GMO Labeling Soldiers On - 11/7/12

Proponents Vow To Continue GMO Labeling Fight - 11/7/12

GMO labeling efforts change course after California defeat - 11/7/12

After Loss, the Fight to Label Modified Food Continues - 11/7/12

Will Initiative For GMO Labeling Of Food Pass In California? - 11/5/12

Give Consumers a Choice—Label GMO Foods, Yes on Prop 37 - 11/5/12

Genetically Modified Crops Threaten Costa Rican Agriculture - 11/5/12

New concern about food before it is even grown - 11/5/12

GMO Pharmacy: The Pervasiveness of GMOs in Medicines and Supplements - 11/3/12

Yes or no, vote on genetically modified foods raises attention - 11/3/12

GMO Food Debate In The National Spotlight - 11/3/12


Another scientist familiar with GM wants labeling - 11/2/12

Suit claims Monsanto used St. Louis public housing residents as guinea pigs - 11/2/12

Companies close to deal on off-patent GMOs - 11/2/12

Former top CDC official: People have a right to know - 11/2/12

GMOs and Prop 37: Protecting Your Right to Know, Protecting Your Health - 11/2/12


Do or Die in California: OCA's Final Plea - 11/2/12


Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, Inc.'s Hommus Receives Non-GMO Project Verification - 11/2/12

6 companies

Field trials on trial - 11/2/12

Genetically Modified Soy Threatens the Amazon Rainforest - 11/1/12

GMO trees go up in smoke - 11/1/12

Collectively creating a GMO free society. One local food provider at a time.

Monsanto Halloween Video - Yes on Prop 37

Faith and GMOs: Christian, Jewish, and Hindu Congregations Urged To Vote Yes On 37 - 11/1/12

Food Safety News

Vandana Shiva on Prop 37, GMOs, Food Sovereignty, and More - 10/31/12