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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

November 2013

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Canada Approving GMO Fish Eggs Leads To Environmental Threat - 11/28/13

Mexico Bans All GMO Corn Imports - 1127/13

Plan 2030: Gene-modified trees to reforest state map - 11/27/13

DEADLINE DECEMBER 9: Tell the USDA You Don't Want a GMO Apple!

Monsanto genetically modified corn found at Breckenridge City Market - 11/27/13

Advocacy: Stop the Approval of GMO Apples - 11/26/13

U.S. Grown GMO corn Refused by China - 11/25/13

New German coalition would seek stricter labelling of GMO-fed meat - 11/25/13

Genetically Modified Foods Proposed as Trigger for Gluten Sensitivity - 11/25/13

Israeli agritech firm boosts crop yields without genetic modification - 11/25/13

GM fish given green light for commercial production, sparking 'frankenfish' worries - 11/25/13

Non-GM corn hybrids smash GM varieties in Illinois trials - 11/25/13

New GMO Food of Apocalyptic Nature! - 11/24/13

True GMO Science and Dangers You'll Never Hear About from the Media - 11/24/13

Why African Farmers Do Not Want GMOs - 11/23/13

American Meat—An Inside Look at Sustainable Farming in America - 11/23/13

Kenya: Are We Jumping From the Frying Pan of Hunger Into Fire of GMOs? - 11/23/13

Review Finds Diet Soda to be Health Destroyer - 11/24/13

2 FOX News Reporters Fired for Covering Monsanto's Cancer-Causing GMO Milk - 11/24/13

Take the Pledge: I'm Boycotting Food from Factory Farms!

Monsanto's Controversial Past - 11/21/13

Big Trouble for Coca-Cola - 11/21/13fav


CEO's Against GMO's

Health Tip of the Month: On November 5, Washington State voted on a law to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and... 11/21/13

Genetic Engineering Lies Prevail Again - 11/20/13

Is Monsanto's RoundUp (Glyphosate) the New Agent Orange? - 11/20/13

bad apple

Chipotle Has Broken Out, But Don't Chase - 11/19/13

Integrative Nutrition Donates $117,000 in Support of GMO Labeling - 11/19/13

How GMO-free Diet Changed My Life - 11/19/13

Hawaii's Big Island Bans Biotech Companies & GMO Crops - 11/19/13

Did the Anti-GMO Movement Really Lose in Washington? - 11/19/13

Investigation Finds GMO Sweet Corn Is a Fail in U.S. Stores - 11/18/13

Coke Boycott for anti-GMO labeling contributions

Vandana Shiva on Resisting GMOs: 'Saving Seeds is a Political Act' - 11/18/13

GMO Foods: Good For Monsanto, Bad For Everyone Else… - 11/18/13

Genetically Modified, Conventional or Organic—Going Beyond PLU codes

Mom Fined for Not Including GMO Ritz Crackers in Kids' Lunches - 11/18/13

cropsVeto override will limit pesticide use, GMO crops on Hawaiian island -11/17/13

Bill Gates Helps Push GMO Corn Onto African Countries - 11/17/13

Failed Monsanto GMO Corn Pushed on African Countries with Help of Bill Gates - 11/17/13

A Look Back At The Kauai GMO Protests - 11/17/13

Say NO to Release of GMO Vaccine in Australia - 11/17/13

Kauai County Council Overrides Mayor's Veto of Pesticide, GMO Bill - 11/16/13

Dr. George: Roundup Possesses Tumor Promoting Potential
- 11/15/13

FOX News Kills Monsanto's GMO's! - 11/15/13

Hawaii: The new battleground for GMO regulation - 11/15/13

B.C. groups campaign against non-browning GMO apples -11/14/13

GMO labeling bill is crucial for our state - 11/13/13

Like Rats at a GMO d-Con Trap - 11/13/13

The Science Behind Hawaii's GMO Bill 113 - 11/13/12

US Military, Monsanto Targeting GMO Activists and Independent Scientists, New Investigation Alleges - 11/13/13

Happy Non-GMO Thanksgiving - 11/12/13

[[Watch]] GMO OMG (2013) Movie Online Free

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out Against GMO Dangers - 11/11/13

We need to know about GMOs - 11/11/13

The 10 GMO Myths That Monsanto Wants You To Believe

Sen. Merkley – GMO Frankenfish are not worth the risk!

Whole Foods Looks Beyond Non-GMO


Ways to Detoxify GMO's to Minimize Damaging Effects - 10/27/13

Monsanto: A Documentary on GMO (a must watch) - 11/9/13

Achieving a Non-GMO Tipping Point - 11/9/13

Fishy Food Fleet Anchors at Natural Grocers to Spread GMO Awareness - 11/9/13

Anti-GMO Group Calls On People To Label Foods Themselves If Government Won't Do It - 11/8/13

I-522 effort a victory regardless of outcome, says Stonyfield Farms chairman - 11/8/13

Gap Closing on GMO Labeling Vote in Washington, But Will It Reverse? - 11/8/13

Food industry's master plan to stop GMO labeling revealed - 11/8/13

Big Food Wants to Crush the GMO Labeling Movement - 11/8/13

FDA action would effectively ban trans fats - 11/7/13

Washington State GMO Labeling Initiative Defeated; Kaua'i Anti-GMO Law Vetoed; Big Island Anti-GMO Bill Pending - 11/6/13

What really happened to GMO labeling in Washington - 11/6/13

New breed of GM corn moves forward in EU - 11/6/13

Stephen Colbert on GMO Labeling Fail: "Just Eat It" - 11/6/13

Millions Against Monsanto: 5 Lessons from Ongoing BMO Battle - 11/6/13

90% of New Hampshire voters want GMO labelling - 11/5/13

Monsanto & Friends Make Biggest Illegal Contribution on Recored to Stop GMO Labeling in Washington - 11/5/13

Editorial: Washington GMO measure could foreshadow Oregon fight - 11/5/13

Govt to address all concerns on GM food crops: Tariq Anwar - 11/5/13

Most Americans pay little attention to genetically modified foods, survey says - 11/5/13

'From 60% to 70% of food containing some type of GMO' - expert - 11/5/13

Most Americans pay little attention to genetically modified foods, survey says - 11/4/13

Oregon Legislature Blocks Local Bans on Genetically Modified Crops - 11/4/13

Monsanto's Absurdity Reaches New Heights - 11/3/13

Robert Scott Bell Takes on the Corporate Food and Medical Establishment - 11/1/13

Matina becomes the latest Costa Rican municipality to ban GMO production - 11/1/13

Genetically-modified food: For human need or corporate greed? - 11/1/13

Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives

The right to know if you're eating genetically modified food - 11/1/13