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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

October 2013

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Below are older articles from our front page..

Non-GMO Project expands, as competitors emerge 10/31/13

Gansu city China's first to ban GM seeds - 10/31/13

Number of Scientists Against GMOs Climbs to 230 - 10/31/13

Nikola Aleksic Chemtrails and GMO Foods - English subtitles


GMOs and politico-corporate incest - 10/31/13

Lifting the veil on GMOs - 10/30/13

Monsanto and Pepsi trying to stop GMO labeling law in Washington State - 10/30/13

Kauai's mayor in no rush to sign GMO bill - 10/29/13

5 Reasons the United States Needs GMO Labeling - 10/30/13

Aliens Refuse to Make Crop Circles in GMO Fields - 10/29/13

GMO Labeling Has Its Day in Court - 10/29/13

Teenage mutant veggies: what grocers have hidden - 10/28/13

Science not likely to resolve dicey food issues - 10/28/13

Mexican Court Suspends All Planting of GM Corn - 10/28/13

Are genetically modified seeds secretly given to farmers? - 10//28/13

Organic crusader wants food labels to spell it out - 10/28/13

Are genetically modified seeds secretly given to farmers? - 10//28/13

Monsanto's RoundUp Linked to Argentina's Growing Health Problems - 10/27/13

If Los Angeles is able to push through the GMO ban into city wide regulation, it would be a direct blow to the beast that is Monsanto and the biotech industry at large.GMO free zone

Study Finds Monsanto's Pesticide Chemical to Produce Cancer-Causing Fungi - 10/27/13

Ways to Detoxify GMO's to Minimize Damaging Effects - 10/27/13

Purified ingredients derived from GM crops are not pure - 10/26/13

I-522: GMO labeling proponents and opponents revealed - 10/26/13

Monsanto's Very Bad Week: 3 Big Blows for GMO Food -10/26/13

GMO Ban Moving Ahead in Josephine County, Oregon - 10/26/13

Breakdown of GMO Labeling Laws by Country (According to the Map) - 10/26/13

world food prize?
Monsanto Buys a Food Prize - 10/25/13

Friends of the Earth Fights Against GMO Seafood - 10/25/13

Shocking details exposed in the GMO Summit (Video) - 10/25/13

Alan Boraas: Alaska should ban Frankenfish - 10/25/13

93 Experts say 'GMO's Are Not Safe' - 10/25/13

NH Action Alert: GMO Labeling on Tuesday, Oct 29 - 10/25/13

GMO Crops Could be Banned in L.A. - 10/21/13

GMO excluded from agricultural insurance in Azerbaijan - 10/21/13

GMO Crops Could be Banned in L.A. - 10/21/13

Survey Cites Pesticide Concern, Uncertainty

Posted by Rick Lingle, Technical Editor -- Packaging Digest, 10/21/2013

According to a new survey released Oct. 21, a majority of Americans are concerned about pesticides in their food supply. The survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by Lindberg International on behalf of Stonyfield, Londonderry, NH, the world's leading organic yogurt maker, found that 71 percent of Americans are worried about ... read more

14 year old Rachel Parent -Dragon Slayer- Challenges top Health Canada Officials.

Cooking oil maker may face NT$28m fine - 10/19/13

Secret list of food companies funding GMO-labeling opposition slush fund revealed after illegal activities of GMA exposed - 10/18/13

Monsanto suits go to Kansas - Agriculture giant will consolidate multiple suits regarding GMO negligence - 10/18/13

The Planting of Genetically Engineered Corn Stopped by a Mexican Court - 10/18/13

Secret list of food companies funding GMO-labeling opposition slush fund revealed after illegal activities of GMA exposed - 10/18/13

Monsanto Hates This...But We Think You'll Love It - 10/18/13

World Food Day: Cook Organic, Not the Planet

Petition: Asking Disney to Serve Organic & Non-GMO meals + Disney Parodies (humorous) - 10/17/13

Grocery Manufacturers Association caught running money laundering slush fund for GMO food companies to conceal their identities in opposing I-522 - 10/17/13

How Congress Just Stuck It to Monsanto - 10/17/13

How free markets could stop MONSANTO - GMO Labelling ep#3

Washington state sues lobbying group opposed to GMO food labeling effort - 10/17/13

EU tells Serbia to drop GMO ban in order to join WTO - 10/17/13

Council Votes to Restrict GMOs, Ban Fracking - 10/16/13

Mexico Bans GMO Corn, Effective Immediately - 10/16/13

What is Glyphosate?

GMO Corn, Effective Immediately - 10/16/13

Pesticides On Foods Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon, But Here's What You Can Do About It - 10/16/13

Will Hawaii's Big Island Ban GMO Farming? - 10/16/13

Who Turned Scientific American?

OpEdNews Op Eds 10/16/2013

Ladies and Gentlemen of Scientific American: Great that you had an issue in September 2013 devoted to food. It is a topic that deserves ... read more

Kauai Council passes anti-GMO, pesticides bill after long hearing- 10/16/13

Basu: Just growing more food will not solve hunger - 10/15/13

The Power of Labeling: Preserving & Building a Non-GMO Food Supply - 10/15/13

State legislators pushing for GMO labeling law - 10/15/13

GMO-Free Cheerios in Europe, Why not in US? - 10/15/13

"How to play into Monsanto's hands: label GMOs" by Jon Rappoport - 10/15/13

Monsanto testing genetically modified beans southern Ont. Monsanto leasing Essex County land in effort to grow dicamba resistant strain of soy bean - 10/15/13

Three Companies Using GMO in Baby Formula - 10/14/13

Monsanto has PR Stranglehold on Their Headquarter city, St. Louis - 10/14/13

Day 17 of a 28 Day Cleanse – Say NO to GMO - 10/14/13

A New Spectre – GMO Salmon / Why Wild Salmon Is Worth the Fight (video) - 10/15/13

Consumers Petition Against New GMO Apple - 10/14/13

Imminent victory: Hawaiian island about to ban GMO crops - 10/13/13

Mexico and Hawaii Ban GMO as People Worldwide March against Monsanto - 10/13/13

Why GMO labeling won't increase food prices - 10/13/14

'Monsanto voted world's most evil corp year after year for good reasons' - 10/11/13

GMO patents held by BAYER and BASF: Not only MONSANTO! - 10/11/13

GMO patents held by BAYER and BASF: Not only MONSANTO! - 10/10/13

'Monsanto voted world's most evil corp year after year for good reasons' - 10/10/13

Our Pesticide Evaluation System Is Terrible - 10/9/13

How GMO Foods Will be Eradicated – Dr. Mercola Interviews Jeffrey Smith


Non-GMO Cookbook serves vegan, Atkins, gluten-free, Paleo: Nachos Guacamole - 10/8/13

Call General Mills today! - 10/8/13

3 Million People Marching For Food Freedom WorldWide. Are You In?

Monsanto A Documentary on GMO a must watch

GMO and Pesticide Dangerous Effects

Moms Fight Back against GMA Money Laundering

Farmer wants to protect growers from GMO seeds - 10/8/13

World's first GM babies born

Fined for Trying to Find Out Who's Funding Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign? - 10/8/13

Frustrated By State's Inactivity, Kauai County Takes Pesticide Fight Into Its Own Hands - 10/8/13

Monsanto doesn't want you to know this…

Study: Monsanto's Bt Crops Transform Non-Targeted, Benign Bugs iinto Major Pests - 10/8/13


Girl Guide wants GMO-free cookies - 10//8/13

A New GMO? Seriously?

By: Leah Zerbe - 10/8/13

Growing a new genetically modified (GMO) food using a chemical labeled by the Environmental Protection Agency as a "probable human carcinogen" is now legal, thanks to a quiet late-August approval by ... read more

ASPARTAME is made from GMO E.coli bacteria SHIT. -10/7/13

Kauai GMO bill may face final vote - 10/7/13

Will I be genetically modified if I eat GMOs? - 10/7/13

Unease in Hawaii's Cornfields - 10-7/13

Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op? - 10/7/13

Food! Glorious (Genetically Modified Organisms) Food! - 10/6/13

"At Any Price" – a movie. Being released 8l27. The new Dennis Quaid movie is the first Hollywood flick to get based on a GMO farm. The film is a family drama that explores the cutthroat world of agriculture in the mid United States and how families and farmers contend with the business side of things. It gets released on Sony DVD and Blu-Ray on August 27.

Toxicology Expert Speaks Out About Roundup and GMOs - 10/6/13

Are GMO Pesticides Poisoning Kauai? - 10/6/13

Are GMO Pesticides Poisoning Kauai? - 10/6/13

Iowa View: Cardinal not on same page as GMO scientists - 10/5/13

GM soybeans needs animal testing, says lobby group - 10/4/13

GMO Herbicide Tolerance: Failure and Destruction - 10/4/13

GMO Dangers as Reported by Genetic Engineers

Genetically engineered apples: Any way you slice it, a rotten idea

Ask Dr. K: Dietary guidelines for ADHD children Eliminating food additives may help some kids with adhd - 10/4/13

Green Tip of the Week: GMO has to go - 10/3/13

Monsanto's Losses Widen as Seed Sales Decline - 10/3/13

$17.1 Million Worth of Lies

Hawaii County committee moves GMO bill forward - 10/3/13

October is Non-GMO Month: Celebrate with Taste of Nature!

Find out which artificial preservatives and ingredients Simple Truth™ and Simple Truth Organic™ leave out of our foods.

Monsanto gets into data farming - 10/3/13

Did you know that GMO's can be found in 75-80% of conventional processed foods in the United States?

Kauai County Council to consider diluted bill pertaining to pesticide, GMO rules - 10/3/13

The 100 Million Dollar Project

Washington Voters Could Make State The First To Label GMO Foods - 10/3/13

Russia considering total GMO ban - 10/3/13

New Hampshire Hearing – Labeling and GMO's - 10/2/13

GMO bill clears Oregon Senate (2013 special session) - 10/2/13

Hawai'i Anti-GMO Activists Rely On Mainland Millionaires For 'Grassroots' Campaign - 10/2/13

Roundup Ready Soybean - 10/2/13

Monsanto's Losses Widen as Seed Sales Decline - 10/2/13

Under Threat of Lawsuit FDA to Withdraw Approvals of Arsenic in Animal Feed - 10/2/13

GMO Corn Farmers are Losing Land, Swimming in Debt Says New Research - 10/2/13

Hawaii County committee moves GMO bill forward - 10/2/13

GMO 'Golden Rice' Tested on Kids Without Parental Consent - 10/2/13

Verve Offers World's 1st Non-GMO Project Verified Gum - 10/2/13

Lie ….. GMOs are needed to feed the world! - 10/1/13

Label GMO Disco (parody of Village People "YMCA")

Jeffrey Smith Talks About GMOS In Baby Formula And A Mother Shares Her Story On YouTube

TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, 'food as medicine' or natural healing

- Mike Adams, Natural News, September 19, 2013

Allow me to be the first to announce that TED is dead. Why? Because the group that organizes so-called "TED talks" has been thoroughly hijacked by corporate junk science and now openly rejects any talks about GMOs, food as medicine, or even the subject of how food can help prevent behavioral disorders in children. All these areas of discussion are now ... read more

Pesticides in Kauai: New Bill Would Protect The Poisoning of Paradise

by Megan Pittsley

The long-revered tropical paradise of Kauai, Hawaii has become ground zero for GMO plant and pesticides testing over the past decade. Now, residents are fighting back.

Over 18 tons of pre-diluted, restricted-use pesticides are dumped on the paradise of Kauai, Hawaii annually by GMO giants Syngenta, DuPont Pioneer, BASF and Dow AgroSciences R&D seed operations. Kauai residents are fighting back with Bill 2491.

This open-air testing of experimental ... read more

Europe Leads the Way in GMO Decimation: US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South America, Asia Still Withou Strong GMO-Free Platform - 10/1/13

Download the PDF of the Health Risks brochure

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