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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

October 2015

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Below are older articles from our front page.


Food allergens recalls at record rate in 2015 - 10/31/15

GMO Salmon Plagued With Disease Causing Bacteria

Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) Waits for Government approval For Cultivation of GMO Corn - 10/29/15

INSIGHT-GMO backlash threatens beet farmers as foodmakers swap sugars - 10/29/15

Warning: GMO-containing foods would be labeled like tobacco under new Russian bill - 10/29/15

Monsanto ClosingsMonsanto to shutter three R&D centers in 2016, cut 90 jobs - 10/26/15

Leading Spice Provider Plans to go Organic, Non-GMO by 2016 - 10/28/15

Monsanto seeks higher sales in Mexico, pending GMO corn decision - 10/28/15

Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Gerber Says NO to Non-Browning GMO Arctic Apples - 10/28/15

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Monsanto gets OK from USDA for new GMO corn - 10/26/15
Five Hidden Dangers of GMOs - 10/23/15

GM Crops Now Banned in 36 Countries Worldwide- 10/25/15

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“Our Daily Poison” — A Stark Look at Our Toxic Food Supply - 10/24/15

City of Hartford, School Board File Suit Against Monsanto For PCB Cleanup - 10/23/15

Senate panel warms to GMOs - 10/22/15

Three Companies Say 'No' to GMO Arctic Apples - 10/22/15

intro of gmo

GMO corn debate in Mexico dominated by biodiversity concerns - 10/15/15

Hundreds of Thousands Shut Down Berlin to Protest “Trojan Horse” – Monsanto’s Dream Trade Deal - 10/15/15

Cameroon: Researchers Cautioned On GMO Testing, Use - 10/14/15

Syngenta withdraws two EU applications for GMO products - 10/13/15

Mexico's Chefs Are Fighting a Future of Genetically Modified Corn - 10/13/15

Chipotle: Proposed class action over non-GMO products has no merit - 10/13/15

Emails expose anti-GM science for hire - 10/13/15

Glyphosate Is Spreading Like A Cancer Across The U.S.

Biotech industry emails reveal academic GMO prostitutes acknowledging their roles as paid shills while lying to the public

Nestlé Says It's 'Evolving', Whole, Organic, and Non-GMO Foods a Priority - 10/8/15

Living Non-GMO

2.6 Billion Pounds of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Sprayed on US Farmland in Past Two Decades
- 10/13/15

Pope Slams GMO – For Destroying Health and Environment -10/9/15

MONSANTO TANKING: Posts $495 million quarterly loss and plans to eliminate 2,600 jobs - 10/7/15

GM Bt Crops
And how GMOs could be triggering allergies

This Pennsylvania Community Is Determined to Ban GMOs and Pesticides - 10/7/15

Tillage: Organic fertilisers are the only way to rejuvenate old soils

15 Facts Most People Don't Know About Fluoride

Apple growers fearful that non-labeled GMO apples could tarnish the entire apple industry - 10/7/15

Dust from GMO plants contains toxic mold

Confirmed: Monsanto Caught Working With Harvard Staff To Spread Pro-GMO Propaganda - 10/6/15

Peanut butter CEO gets 28 years in prison for salmonella cover-up; what about the vaccine cover-up? Or GMO lies? - 10/6/15

Nestle Being Sued for $100 Million Dollars Over Hazardous Lead in Food - 10/6/15

It’s Official: 19 European Countries Say ‘No’ to GMOs - 10/5/15

Play Chipotle's Anti-GMO Space Invaders-Style Game - 10/5/15

Busting GMO Labeling Myths - 10/5/15

Poland Becomes the 14th European Nation to Officially Ban GMO’s! - 10/4/15

These 10 States Account for a Whopping 78% in Sales of Organic Food - 10/4/15

GMO-free zone: Germany tells EU it bans genetically modified crops cultivation - 10/1/15

Harvard professor failed to disclose connection - 10/1/15

Study confirms glyphosate causes liver and kidney failure

Migratory Monarch Decline Highlights Larger Problem of Pollination 

Fraud and corruption behind GMO Food

Alternatives to GMO Halloween Candy