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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

September 2013

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GMO spokesman turned GMO whistleblower followed the science interview by Tsiporah Grignon

Widespread GMO Contamination: Did Monsanto Plant GMOs Before USDA Approval?

Monsanto To Report Earnings As GMO Backlash Heats Up - 9/30/13

Washingtonians Fight for GMO Labeling - 9/30/13

Senators Angle for Monsanto-Friendly FDA Voluntary GMO Labeling "Guidance" - 9/ 29/13

GM food not properly labelled - Greens - 9/28/13

How Spread of Bt Cotton Contaminates the Food Chain - 9/28/13

Russia May Soon Ban All Products Containing GMOs - 9/28/13

Agroecosystem study implies genetic modification neither helpful nor necessary for yield gains and sustainability - 9/27/13

Syringes, gas masks and Frankenfood: Visuals of the GMO debate - 9/27/13

Soil: Our Climate Ally Underfoot


Senate may change law on GMO crops - 9/27/13

European Food Safety Testing Market (Pathogen, GMO, Toxin, Pesticide) Worth $4,068.8 Million by 2018 - New Report by MarketsandMarkets - 9/27/13

GMO Crop Failure — African Caterpillars Develop Resistance To GMO Corn


Hawaii Leases Land to GMO Syngenta for $50 per Acre per Year - 9/26/13


Chief EU scientist backs damning report urging GMO 'rethink' - 9/26/13

Iowa Farmer Warns of GMO Dangers - 9/26/13

Senators Angle for Monsanto-Friendly FDA Voluntary GMO Labeling 'Guidance' - 9/25/13

Governor Abercrombie Enters Kauai GMO Debate, Calls For Voluntary Restrictions - 9/25/13

Banned foods list 2013: Foods we eat in the U.S. that are banned in other countries - 9/25/13

Monsanto rider excluded from Senate budget bill - 9/25/13

GMO corn farmers in debt - 9/25/13

(VIDEO) The Sick Story of GMO - Genetically Engineered Food - People As Lab Rats - 9/24/13

Study: Strawberry fumigant affects birth weights - 9/24/13

This amazing green blogger, activist, and speaker is only 10 years old - 9/24/13

VIDEO: Experts weigh-in on Hawaii County's GMO bill - 9/24/13

Genetically modified organisms to be hot-button issue in OR special session - 9/24/13

Monsanto unleashes massive GMO push into Africa - 9/24/13

Senate CR to strip Monsanto rider - 9/24/13

Pesticide regulation in California is flawed, UCLA report says - 9/24/13

Potential Iowa governor candidate Krause backs GMO labeling for food products - 9/24/13

Food Revolution - 9/23/13

The Brutally Honest Coca-Cola Commercial You'll Never See On Television - 9/23/13

Bhallu and Uday - A film about Genetically Modified food crops - Excellent Greenpeace film (from India, with English subtitles) about the deaths and illnesses that occurred in sheep and goats after grazing on Bt cotton, as well as pest attacks and other problems with the crop.

Are You Eating This Ingredient Banned All Over the World?

USDA Now consideres GMO Contamination 'Normal' - 9/23/13

Stealth GMOs Are Coming: Approved & Unlabeled Everywhere - 9/22/13

For GM food and vaccinations, the panic virus is a deadly disease - 9/22/13

'GM Crops Won't Solve India's Food Crisis' - 9/22/13

Monsanto Protection Act has been extended by the House majority - 9/22/13

USDA Now Considers GMO Contamination 'Normal' - 9/22/13

THIS IS IMPORTANT ….. Banning GMOs …… - 9/22/13

Secret Obama-hatched trade deals TPP and TAFTA would allow Monsanto to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide - 9/21/13

GM rice researcher barred from further human trials - 9/21/13


Supreme Test for Monsanto - 9/21/13

Scientific American discredits itself by insisting that consumers be kept in the dark about GMOs - 9/20/13

Ex-Whole Foods Employee Says She Was Trained To Lie About GMO Food In Store (Video) - 9/20/13

Food Companies Scrutinized Amid GMO Controversy- 9/19/13

Consumers have a right to this information - 9/19/13

The Ugly Truth Behind Cheap Food - 9/18/13

US: Grocery Manufacturers Association faces GMO labelling lawsuit - 9/18/13

USDA won't take action in GM alfalfa case - 9/18/13

Top 10 breakfast cereals most likely to contain Monsanto's GMO corn - 9/18/13

ANH-INTL FEATURE: Biology student at major UK university exposes biased GM crop education


Tufts University: Study promoting GMO 'golden rice' violated ethics rules - 9/18/13

GMO Labeling – Facts you Need to Know - 9/17/13

Attacks on Health Reporters and Their Readers Are Escalating - 9 18/14

Aspartame – The GMO Excrement Polluting Your Body - 9/18/13

'GMO OMG' Director Jeremy Seifert Dives Into Controversy Surrounding Modified Food - 9/17/13

Food-manufacturer group sued over funds against GMO labels - 9/17/13

Growing Controversy Over GMO Bananas in Uganda - 9/17/13

Untouchable: Government Gives Monsanto the Go-Ahead to Kill You and Your Family - 9/17/13

GM Oilseed Rape Out of Control Worldwide – New Report - 9/16/13

Packaged Facts: Non-GMO foods will account for 30% of US food and beverage retail sales by 2017 - 9/17/13

FDA to hold first public hearing on GM babies - 9/16/13

What GMO's Did To Our Dog - 9/16/13

How Government Regulators Predicted, And Then Ignored, The Latest GMO Contamination Scandal - 9/16/13

The Monsanto rider is back – tell Congress to reject it - 9/16/13

The World According to Monsanto - GMO Documentary - video

In Argentina, local residents raise concerns about reliance on GMO crops - 9/16/13

Biotech Industry Slips Pro-GMO Propaganda Into Childrens Textbooks - 9/16/13

Illinois considers GMO labelling - 9/16/13

How much longer can the biotech industry bury GM danger signals?

Washington GMO Labeling Bill coming Soon, Organic Farmers Still Victims of GMO Contamination - 9/15/13

...Seifert is probably exactly right about corporations screwing with the food supply, and the people he's attacking are by many orders of magnitude more loathsome than he is. But judging from the trailer, it's presented in such a way that no one in the world who wasn't already convinced is going to be by "GMO OMG". " Interesting short article and movie trailer.

Growers seek pesticide alternatives - 9/15/13


The Pro-Science Argument for GMO Labeling

Monsanto Protection Act extension hidden in spending bill - 9/13/13

Heinz Additive Blamed for Another Baby Death - 9/13/13

Whole Foods helps GMO Free CT go national - 9/13/13

Bought the Movie- Phase II Production funding for Bought the movie- THE HIDDEN STORY BEHIND VACCINES, BIG PHARMA AND YOUR FOOD.

USDA weighs action after Monsanto's 'Roundup Ready' GMO alfalfa is found in Washington field - 9/16/13

Your Right to Know - GE Labeling Hearing In Chicago 9/17 - 9/13/13

Berkeley Moving Forward With Proposed GMO Labeling Law - 9/12/13

GMO labels won't affect supermarket prices, study says - 9/12/13

monsanto'Monsanto Protection Act' quietly extended by Congress - 9/12/13

Resident wants GE crops out of province - 9/12/13

Require Consumer Warning Label for Dangerous Food Additive


Target: Food and Drug Administration

Goal: Warn consumers of products that contain potassium bromate, a harmful food additive that is commonly used in bread products

Potassium bromate, also called bromated flour, is a food additive that chemically ages flour and enhances elasticity of bread dough. Before it was patented for use in 1914, bakers were dependent on oxygen in the air to age the flour they needed for bread, a process that often required weeks. The magic of potassium bromate enabled bakers to produce bread more efficiently. But it did so at a cost. Since its patent, potassium bromate has been proven to cause ... see more

9 Not-So-Safe "Healthy" Foods You Should Avoid - 9/11/13

Exclusive: Washington state testing alfalfa for GMO contamination - 9/11/13

'Generally' Recognized as Safe Food Additives May Not Be So Safe - 9/11/13

Further Reading on GMO Mosquitos - 9/11/13

Seeds Of Death - Full Movie

Natural Foodie: It's been a bumper year for anti-GMO action - 9/11/13

Unregulated nanoparticles in the food supply may pose health risks - 9/10/13

The Woman Behind the New GMO-Free Meat Label - 9/10/13

Thousands of Kauai Residents Take to the Streets - 9/10/13

3 GMO Food Likely in Your Multi-Vitamins - 9/10/13

What Does GMO REALLY Do To Your BODY?

MPI targets sulfite use in raw meat - 9/1013

Farmers in the Philippines Storm and Destroyed Field Tests of Monsanto's GM Golden Rice - 9/9/13

Genetically Modified Food: Good, Bad, Ugly - 9/9/13

Toxic and GMO Ingredients In Your Beer? - 9/9/13

We are all Guinea Pigs now!: Watch the trailer here!

VIDEO: Gary Hooser Speaks Out at Kauai's Anti-GMO March

gmfliyThousands of Genetically Modified Insects Set for Release - 9/9/13


BREAKING: Study Links Roundup 'Weedkiller' To Overgrowth of Deadly Fungal Toxins - 9/9/13

Consumers Are Smart Enough To Handle GMO Labeling - 9/9/13

Healthy alternatives to medicine

Should Companies Patent Life? - 9/9/13

GMO Soy Repeatedly Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality, Birth Defects - 9/8/13

The endless debate over genetic engineering - 9/8/13

Open letter from more than 800 scientists warning about GMO's. - 9/8/13

GMO's – The Most Dangerous Invention EVER - 9/8/13

Seattle Native thinkThin® CEO and Founder Lizanne Falsetto Makes Donation to Support YES on 522 and Joins Growing Coalition of Companies, Organizations and Consumers - 9/8/13

Monsanto's GMO research does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. They won't allow it to. - 9/8/13

Small Farmers
American Farmers Appeal to US Supreme Court to Seek Protection from GE Crops
- 9/7/13

Is the Death of the Small Farm the End of Real Food for Multiple Nations? - 9/7/13

To Stop WW III Just Tell The Truth About Epicyte And GMO Corn. - 9/7/13

Keep GMO apples out of baby food! - 9/7/13

Genetically Engineered Tomatoes Squashed? - 9/6/13


Apocalyptic Talk Takes Over Hawai - GMO Ban Debate - 9/5/13

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia - 9/5/13

Safe Seed Pledge - 9/5/13

GMO fact of the day ….. - 9/5/13

Golden Rice: No Silver Bullet

Apocalyptic Talk and Serious Issues at Big Island GMO Ban Debate - 9/5/13

VIDEO: Bills banning GMOs on Hawaii Island – round two -9/5/13

Genetically Modified Organisms: Labeling - 9/5/13

Crops held hostage - How Monsanto developed its stranglehold on the nation's food supply - 9/4/13

Could GMOs be behind your digestive problems? - 9/4/13

Council Committee to Consider Two GMO Bills - 9/4/13

Truth a Casualty in Kauai GMO-Pesticide Debate - 9/4/13

What goes on our body goes in our body. Avoiding GMOs in beauty products. - 9/4/13

Frankenflies to battle pests: Scientists plan to launch thousands of GM insects into fields as alternative to using chemicals - 9/4/13

GMOs are Tearing a Tropical Paradise Apart


If you've read about GMOs before, you may have heard that 88 percent of corn and 94 percent of soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified, that the FDA has approved genetically modified (GM) crops for consumption, and there has never been a universally accepted study that has found GM food to be unsafe. What's more, here in Hawaii, proponents argue that GM seed saved the big island's papaya growers, and has the potential to bolster Florida's citrus industry.

Opponents, though, call it Frankenfood and ... more

It's China vs. China in Genetically Modified Food Fight - 9/3/13

GMO 'Genewashing': Is the Food Industry Trying to Keep You Unhealthy?

Andrea Donsky - September 02

You may be familiar with the term "greenwashing" –- a term describing the deceptive practice companies use to purposely give off the impression that their products or policies are environmentally friendly, when in fact they aren't. Greenwashing was first coined in 1986 by an environmentalist named Jay Westerveld, and became popular when ... more


'Monsanto wants total control, covers up grave GMO dangers' - Researcher

Jeffrey M. Smith - 9/2/13

Supermarkets are flooded with GMO products, but how safe is it to eat them? Tasty and beautiful, they are produced with intervention unprecedented in history. Gene manipulation: how ... more

What's In Your Food? How To Streamline Your Shopping: Dr. Mao's Wellness Living - 9/1/13

GMO Food and Living Water


Are we becoming GMO Human Test Tubes - 9/3/13

Ask Umbra: Are GMO sugar beets bad for the birds? - 9/1/13

Why has study saying GM could kill been ignored? - 9/1/13

American Kids Get Artificial Food Dyes, British Kids Get All-Natural Dyes - 9/1/13

Conversations with Dr. Mercola, UN surveillance of natural medicine websites, GMO eradication updates, vaccine propaganda refuted & more! - 9/1/13