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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

April 2013

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Biotech giant Monsanto announces expansion at Saint Louis HQ; Congressional members propose Federal GMO labeling laws - 4/30/13

fieldNew study finds genetically modified crops won't feed world; biodiversity is key - 4/30/13

General Mills' Powell maintains opposition to labeling GMOs - 4/30/13

baby bottleAction Alert: Demand that Similac take GMOs out of its infant formulas - 4/30/13

Abbott Laboratories shareholders reject proposal to remove GMOs from infant formula - 4/30/13

Corn Refiners Acknowledge Ignoring FDA Regulations to Sell Illegal Industrial Sweetener Super-Sweet Food Additive Never Approved by FDA to be Safe - 4/30/13

Feds: Use genetically modified crops on refuges? - 4/30/13

FDA to Investigate Safety of Added Caffeine Move prompted by release of new caffeinated gum - 4/30/13

GM banana poses a new threat to crop diversity - 4/30 13

Food labeling 101: GMO, organic, and other common grocery labels decoded - 4/30/13

New GMO labeling bill will be the ultimate test between the will of the people versus the greed and power of the biotech industry - 4/29/13

crop dusting
GMO multi-toxin crops continue to backfire as more insects become resistant to crop chemicals
- 4/29/13


Asthma and Food Additives: Something to Wheeze About

Our View: Legislature should pass GMO labeling bill - 4/30/13

Michael Pollan: Genetically Modified Foods Offer Consumers "Nothing" - 4/29/13

WASH. STATE BECOMES KEY BATTLEGROUND In fight to label genetically modified food - 4/29/13

Genetically modified food rapped - 4/29/13

2 Vidarbha farmers commit suicide on eve of President's visit - 4/29/13

What it means to carry the Non GMO Project certification (Photos) - 4/28/13

GMO Food — Banning or Labeling It. And Is It Kosher? - 4/28/13

Why Are You Eating Transgenic Food?

Genetically Modified Foods Are Not Allowed in Peru - 4/28/13

U.S. Activists Outraged Over So-Called 'Monsanto Protection Act' - 4/28/13

Genetically-modified foods becoming a fact of life - 4/28/13

GMO's You Can Eat. And Elect, Too. - 4/28/13

Carroll: My love/hate affair with Whole Foods - 4/28/13

Irrefutable evidence that GMO can harm you - 4/27/13

Ingredient in Roundup Weed Killer Found in Food - 4/27/13

New Study FInds Roundup Could be Linked to Severe Health Issues - 4/27/13

3 Shocking Sources for Modern Food Additives - 4/27/13

Biosecurity Board suspends entry of 26 GMOs to Turkey - 4/27/13

15 'Clean' Fruits and Vegetables - 4/27/13

GMO food labeling legislation heading to Connecticut House - 4/26/13

Study Links Roundup to Obesity, Cancer, and More - 4/26/13

State Rep. David Arconti: Why you need to know about GMO - 4/26/13

Foodies With Worries - 4/26/13

You are what you eat, at least know what that is - 4/26/13

Would You Eat AquAdvantage Salmon If Approved? - 4/26/13

View from the Levee: GMO (God, Move Over) - 4/26/13

MIT Study Links Chemicals Used on Genetically Modified Foods to Infertility and Cancer - 4/26/13

Nearly 1.5 Million Objections to Genetically Engineered Salmon Filed with FDA - 4/25/13

GMO "Right-To-Know Act" introduced in Senate, House - 4/25/13

Will All Genetically Engineered Foods Soon Be Labeled? - 4/25/13

Debate raging in Augusta over genetically modified food labeling - 4/25/13

U.S. GMO food labeling drive has biotech industry biting back - 4/25/13

GMO Baby Formula - video - 4/25/13

Smart phone app 'Fooducate' could be the beginning of the end of GMO

Food Babe Investigates Stevia: Good or Bad? - 4/25/13

Nearly 1.5 Million Objections to Genetically Engineered Salmon Filed With FDA - 4/25/13

Baby Formula Manufacturer Putting GMOs to a Vote - 4/25/13

Dig This: Let them eat GMO cake! - 4/25/13

Environmental expert: GMO farming causes one billion people to go hungry - 4/24/13

Legislation to Require GMO Labels Introduced in House & Senate - 4/24/13

Pressure Mounts to Remove Genetically Engineered Ingredients from Infant Formula - 4/24/13

Is genetically modified wheat causing increases in gluten issues? - 4/23/13

New GMO Wheat May 'Silence' Vital Human Genes - 4/23/13

The World According to Monsanto GMO Documentary

Poland Becomes The 8th EU Nation To Ban Monsanto Maize - 4/23/13

Earth Balance Betrays Consumers With False Non-GMO and Organic Claims - 4/23/13

Genetically engineered salmon company expects U.S. regulatory OK in 2013 - 4/23/13

Big City Farmers Take to the Rooftops - 4/23/13

Lawmakers Take Up GMO Labeling Bill - Maine

March against Monsanto - 4/23/13

GMO Food Technology Doesn't Help the Poor Very Much - 4/23/13

Eat What You Find In Your Own Back Yard - 4/23/13

Exposed: Why You Should Boycott Farmed Salmon

Should Maine require labeling for genetically modified food? - 4/23/13

Magic sugar fails to charm FDA-CAR - 4/23/13

Berkshire Activists Rally to Support GMO Labeling - 4/22/13

The good, the bad and the ugly: how genetically engineered organisms affect the world, K-State - 4/22/13

cornGMOs and Jewish Law - 4/22/13

The Food Revolution 2013 Summit

Organic farmers, opposition ask feds to stall genetically-modified alfalfa sales - 4/22/13

Are we ready for genetically-modified bananas via Australia? - 4/22/13

'Labeling is hot': Gluten-free, GMO and vending rules on horizon for snacks - 4/22/13

Monsanto controls your diet - 4/22/13

Eating our way to a slow death! - 4/22/13

Market Clinics to Crack Down On Dangerous Food

Additives - 4/22/13

meatAnalysis Finds 55% Ground Beef, 39% Chicken Contaminated with Superbugs - 4/21/13

Jon Stewart Exposes The Monsanto Protection Act

Food additive - Wiki Article

Ingredients to Avoid In ANY Food you Consume - 4/21/13

Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont If It Passes GMO Labeling Bill - 4/21/13

Monsanto attacking democracy in Vermont - 4/21/13

Food additive - Wiki Article- 4/20/13

GMOs -- frightening and full of possibility - 4/20/13

GMO Labeling Bill's Defeat Isn't The End - 4/19/13

Washington Moves Ahead With GMO Label Proposal - 4/19/13

Bob Marley's family keeps his message alive through organic products, charitable works - March

Bothell based Chiarezza Girl explains GMOs

ROLLINS: Seeds of discontent - The battle over GMO foods - 4/19/13

GMOs: The Walking Dead of the Food Industry - 4/19/13

Label GMOs, then let consumers decide - 4/19/13

Elected officials back call for Island to become 'GE Free' - 4/19/13

Whole food, non-GMO or a pill with GMOs? - 4/18/13

Green Med Info

Doubts surface about common food additive's safety - 4/18/13

Democratic Party supports GMO labeling bill - 4/18/13

Tell Your Representatives to Support the New GMO Labeling Bill!

Frankenapple: Bad News No Matter How You Slice It

Stunning Corn Comparison: GMO versus NON GMO

Food Additives That Are Dangerous

Interview with Melanie Warner, Author of Pandora's Lunchbox - 4/17/13

Author of the 'Monsanto rider' revealed, and the backlash grows - 4/17/13

Behold the Monsanto Rider

Supermarkets 'misled' on GM soya claims - 4/17/13

Why Labels on Genetically Engineered Foods Won't Cost Comsumers a Dime - 4/17 13

Notice of Modification to the Lists of Permitted Food Additives to Enable the Use of Ammonium Sulphate as a Yeast Nutrient in the Manufacture of Ale, Beer, Malt Liquor, Porter and Stout - 4/17/13

GM seeds; a new global threat - 4/17/13

Herbicide use set to increase as Monsanto joins forces with Bayer, Dow Chemical
- 4/16/13

Vt co-ops push for GMO labeling - 4/16/13

Plans for a National GMO Labeling Bill? -- Agri-Pulse - 4/15/13

Hawaii House resolution supports GMO food labeling - 4/15/14

Help Us Kill the "Monsanto Protection Act" For Good

Superfish: FDA Reviews First GE Animal for Human Consumption - 4/14/13

Vegan Quiche

The Struggle to Reclaim Paradise - 4/14/13

Approval of GMO alfalfa is shameful - 4/13/13

Will Monsanto Ties Influence Nutritionists' Stance on GMOs? - 4/13/13

State House resolution supports GMO food labeling - 4/13/13

Native Seeds - A stunning variety selected by Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer and breeder

Why A Supermarket Is A Hormonal Mine Field, Part One - 4/12/13


Monsanto Has Created the World's Largest GMO Monopoly - 4/12/13

Why is a Known Toxic Substance Allowed in Organic Foods?- 4/11/13

How Biotech Is Gagging Research into GMO Crops

The Struggle To Reclaim Paradise - 4/11/13

GMO Golden Rice: A Panacea Or Hoax? - 4/11/13

Why GMO Labels Won't Cost Consumers a Dime

Oregon set to ban GM salmon and mandate GMO labeling - 4/11/13

Monsanto Stock Keeps Rising, But So Do Chances For GMO Label Bill in Connecticut - 4/10/13

The Seeds Of Suicide: How Monsanto Destroys Farming - 4/10/13

Are GMOs to Blame for Decline in Florida Honeybees? - 4/10/13

13 more reasons to hate Monsanto - 4/10/13

cornCorn is one of many genetically modified crops by Monsanto, but another common product—GMO soy—is causing its own controversy in the country of Argentina.
Monsanto poisons Argentina's environment and people
- 4/10/13

BioTech Lies Exposed: Genetically Modified Corn is Loaded with Chemical Poisons - 4/10/13

'Just trust us' doesn't answer frankenfood concerns - 4/10/13

Americans to march against Monsanto Protection Act for safe food on May 25, 2013 (Photos) - 4/10/13

Alarm raised over genetically modified alfalfa - 4/9/13

Stone Sup without GMOs for the FDA - 4/9/13

Even the NY Times is now rejecting Monsanto GMO science - 4/9/13

The entire food system is under threat - 4/9/13

Turkish authorities arrest 3 over GMO rice - 4/9/13

India and GM crops: Time for a second Green Revolution? - 4/8/13

97% Indians against GM crops: Greenpeace - 4/8/13

GMO pickle claim leaves you scratching your head - 4/8/13

Food Fight: Genetically Modified Crops Gain Ground

Antibiotics in Meat Do Lead to MRSA in Humans - 4/8/13

Moms Across America are speaking up about health concerns and Genetically Modified foods - 4/7//13

Monsanto, steaks, and chefs: Intellectual property and food - 4/7/13

GMO Fact and News - 4/6/13

Genetically modified crops: Detection strategies and biosafety issues. - 4/6/13

GMOs have a long reach, take away choice - 4/6/13

One of Hawaii's most well-known political activists is focusing these days on the GMO issue - 4/6/13

Michelle Obama Supports Organic While The President Backs GMO - 4/5/13

Section 735/Monsanto Protection Act controversy - 4/5/13

Monsanto's GMO Seeds Are Actively Cultivating Cultural Genocide - 4/5/13

Sen. Roy Blunt: Monsanto's Man In Washington - 4/5/13

Food Fight: Genetically Modified Crops Gain Ground

Monsanto Protection Act: Is the Seed Giant Playing Mind Games With Congress? - 4/5/13

How 'scientific' lies and distortions affect your health - 4/5/13

GMO Free USA rallies against Kellogg's on Earth Day - 4/4/13

Monsanto-funded farm group wants to extend "Monsanto rider" - 4/4/13

New Poll Shows 91 Percent of Maine People Support Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods - 4/4/13

From Growing Profit to Growing Food: Challenging Corporate Rule - 4/4/13

GMO Free USA Rallies Against Kellogg's on Earth Day - 4/4/13

Sound Bites On Delmarva: Episode 57 – "Monsanto Rider" | Alternative Mappings of the Economy | Food and Ag News - 4/4/13

Top ten ways humanity is being murdered in the name of 'evidence-based science' (#1 GMOs) - 4/4/13

What you should know about GMO (Genetically Modified Foods) - 4/4/13

This is why you should stay away from all GMO‏ Foods - 4/3/13

Legislative Update: 25 States Working on GMO Labeling Laws - 4/3/13

Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America from Monsanto to Wal-Mart - 4/3/13

Science?How to eat GMO, use the Affordable Care Act, and die before you collect Social Security - 4/3/13

Hwang, Ben & Jerry's Exec. Join Forces - 4/3/13

monsantoMonsanto Protection Act Now 'Disavowed' By Senate Appropriations Chair - 4/2/13

Food Allergy Explored in IBS - 4/2/13

Something smells fishy with GMO food products - 4/2/13

Kosher scandal skewers Doheny meat market: Treyf hits the fan in LA - 4/2/13

US Says EU Rules on Biotech Crops 'Unnecessary' - 4/2/13

These foods are killing your sex drive - 4/2/13

Frankenvines are here! Are you Drinking Frankenwine? - 4/2/13

The Virus in Our Food Supply - 4/2/13

Boycott Monsanto – A Simple List of Companies to Avoid - 4/2/13

How an Anonymous Rider Functionally Deregulated GMOs - 4/1/13

alfalfaNFU planning rallies against introduction of genetically modified alfalfa - 4/1/13

Oregon set to ban GM salmon and mandate GMO labeling - 4/1/13

Does the 'GMO Crop Protection Act' actually matter? - 4/1/13

Monsanto Protection Act
How the Monsanto Proection Act Became Law
- 4/1/13