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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

August 2017

This website will bring you as much information as we can fi/nd to this single, convenient location. Email us if you find other sources we have missed.
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land o lakes

tons of pesticides

Poison papers: Monsanto knew PCBs were toxic for years but sold them anyway - 8/10/17


Internal Emails Reveal Monsanto Knew About (and Hid) the Dangers of Glyphosate - 8/3/17

Sugar companies to launch GMO education campaign - 8/2/17

Farmers Sue Monsanto and Other Corporations for Spraying Harmful Herbicides - 8/2/17

Just released docs show Monsanto ‘executives colluding with corrupted EPA officials to manipulate scientific data’ - 8/2/17

Just Released Docs Show Monsanto 'Executives Colluding With Corrupted EPA Officials to Manipulate Scientific Data' - 8/1/17