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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

December 2012

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New Dehli - From today, packaged food will have 'GM' label - 12/31/12

It Causes Tumors in Rats and Is in Your Food - 12/31/12

Genetic Modification in Plants, Simplified - 12/28/12

Colours and food additives reported as "banned"

Lange Farms

US export Decreased as a result of GMOs

GMO fish in Panama - 12/30/12

Did White House Suppress Science on GMO Salmon? - 12/30/12

The Other Dark Side of GMO Corn - 12/30/23

Insight Into The Mindset Of The GMO Industry - 12/30/12

Genetic Engineering and the GMO Industry: Corporate Hijacking of Food and Agriculture - 12/30/12

N.M. lawmaker tries GMO labeling - 1/29/12

Is Your Food Being Hit with a 'Healthy' Dose of Radiation? - 12/29/12

Rice With Human Genes! Transgenic Food Makes Us Lab Animals - 12/29/12

Historical Pesticide Overview

Sick Bees – Part 18E: Colony Collapse Revisited – Genetically Modified Plants

2012 & Beyond: Advocates Won't Let Up on GMO Labeling Issue - 12/29/12

Genetic Modification in Plants, Simplified - 12/28/12

IT'S ALIVE! FDA quietly approves GMO Salmon, 1st genetically-modified animal for human consumption - 12/28/12

Obama's Science Commitment, FDA Face Ethics Scrutiny in Wake of GMO Salmon Fiasco - 12/28/12

New Mexico Next in Line to Try for GMO Labeling - 12/28/12

ʻAina Fest celebrates an active year against GMOs in Hawaii - 12/28/12

New Year's Revolution: Connecting the Dots - 12/27/12

Shanghai to enact strict new food safety law - Xinhua - 12/27/12

How genetically modified foods are bad for your health? - 12/27/12

Sea Salt with Chemical Additives?! Check for Yellow Prussiate of Soda - 12/27/12

Frankenfish lives - 12/27/12

Anti-GMO movement should follow the money instead of wasting its time on labels - 12/27/12

FDA Quietly Pushes Through Genetically Modified Salmon Over Christmas Break - 12/27/12

Deadly GM Food - 12/26/12

Who will pay for failed GM crops? - 12/26/12

Genetically Modified Food. One Step Closer to Your Plate. - 12/26/12

Help Us Stop the Approval of GE Fish! - 12/26/12

FDA's Regulatory Review of Food Ingredients - 12/26/12

Those importing genetically modified crops to Azerbaijan to be fined - 12/25/12

How do genetically modified foods affect you? - 12/25/12

Chinese kids eat food additives banned overseas - 12/24/12

Momentum for GMO labeling growing across US - 12/24/12

Corporations are approving Food Additives, not FDA - 12/24/12

Nothing Fishy: Genetically Modified Salmon Moves One Step Closer To Realization - 12/24/12

Scientist raises concerns about GM crops and glyphosate - 12/24/12

The GMO debate is over; GM crops must be immediately outlawed; Monsanto halted from threatening humanity. - 12/24/12

A GMO-Free New Mexico? Land of Enchantment to Debate Labeling - 12/24/12

The Food and Drug Administration just announced that a genetically modified, farmed Atlantic-Pacific salmon-eel hybrid (also known as the Frankenfish) is perfectly safe for human consumption! - 12/23/12

Forward Together! Prop 37, GMO Labeling and Building the Food Movement - 12/23/12

Push to mark food containing GMOs gains traction in Q-C, Iowa - 12/23/12

FDA Misses the Boat in Signaling Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon - 12/22/12

Food Fights - 12/22/12

Are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Safe to Eat? - 12/21/12

After defeat in California, New Mexico takes on Monsanto and GMO producers - 12/21/12

Making the case for genetically modified crops - 12/21/12

gm crops
Fresh From California, a Fight Over Genetically Modified Food Comes to Washington – I-522 Will Drive Furious Debate
- 12/21/12

Tell FDA: Do Not Approve Genetically Engineered Salmon! - 12/21/12

The Real Food Channel

Scientist raises concerns about GM crops and glyphosate - 12/21/12

Skipping preservatives this season - 12/20/12

UCC Connecticut Conference supports education about genetically modified foods
- 12/20/12

GARDEN: Genetically modified organisms: What they are and why should we care? - 12/20/12

Big Food And The Big, Silent Salt Experiment - 12/20/12

Food Additive Helps Print Materials for Soft Robotics - 12/20/12

Iran plans GM crop approvals - 12/20/12

Stay Healthy And Avoid These Food Additives - 12/19/12

'Frankenstein food' a good thing? It's all great GM lies - 12/18/12

Biodynamics: Beyond Organic - 12/18/12

Probe nails scientists in GM crop scandal - 12/18/12

Paying Attention to Food Additives - 12/18/12

Find out what you eat with new version of Food Additives Checker - 12/18/12

South Australia won't 'jeopardise' state with GM crops - 12/18/12

Gifts that give back. Fair Trade USA

Nutrition Wonderland - interesting lists

Quezon to launch organic farming program - 12/18/12

Is carrageenan unhealthy? - 12/18/12

Canada - Federal government delivers a feast of food law reform - 12/18/12

Peru Bans Genetically Modified Foods For Ten Years Minimum - 12/18/12

Brominated vegetable oil: PepsiCo and Coca-Cola not removing chemical from Canadian drinks - 12/18/12

Organizers confident Washing state non-GMO initiative will hit signature goal - 12/17/12

Indian research council in GM crop scandal - 12/17/12

UK: Seeds of another GM row are sown - 12/17/12

Farmer to Farmer: The Truth About GM Crops - 12/17/12

Scientists in China Fired For Secretly Testing GMO Rice on Children - 12/16/12

This Food Additive Causes Weight Gain - 12/15/12

Jim Goodman: Monsanto gets its way in ag bill - 12/15/12

Hsu Fu Chis food safety problems exposed - 12/14/12

DA spearheads Organic Rice Field Day - 12/14/12

Nueva Vizcaya opens organic food terminal - 12/14/12

Congress' Big Gift to Monsanto - 12/14/12

Kenya bans imports of genetically modified food - 12/13/12

IMPORTANT: Synthetic Ingredients in Organic Food? - 12/13/12

Monsanto Gets Its Way in Ag Bill - 12/13/12

Oppose the GMO Riders: Must-pass 'fiscal cliff' bill could end up becoming 'Monsanto Protection Act' - 12/13/12

Minister in favour of legalising GM crops - 12/13/12

vegan mayo
Never believe what you read on the front of a food product. Always read the list of ingredients before you decide to buy
. - 12/13/12

Spain leads the way for GMO crops - 12/13/12

Back to the State House: Vermont Contiues the Fight to Label GMO Foods - 12/13/12


GM crops could pose unknown threats to the natural environment - 12/13/12

Frost & Sullivan: A New Trend in Food Additives, Blending Antioxidants to Cut Costs - 12/13/12

Activists Want Labels On Food With Genetically-Altered Ingredients - 12/13/12

Election Integrity Activist Calls for Prop 37 Recount - 12/12/12

This country must not lose its organic market for GM foods - 12/12/12

Food Additives Can Make You Sick - 12/12/12

Retiring Lawmaker Invites Lawsuit Over GMOs - 12/12/12

Dr. Oz Flip Flops as Mass Media Attacks Intensify

Prop 37 election fraud? - Take action now - 12/12/12

Anti-GMO Forces Rally to Push for Connecticut Labeling Law - 12/12/12

GMO Spotlight at the Capitol Today - 12/12/12

CT - GMO Spotlight at the Capitol Today - 12/12/12

CA Prop 37 GMO Labeling Votes Still Being Counted, Fraud Accusations - 12/12/12

FDA broadens irradiation use - 12/11/12

CA Prop 37 GMO Labeling votes still being counted, fraud accusations - 12/11/12

Companies Gear Up As Health Canada Approves Stevia As Additive For Food And Beverage Use - 12/11/12

GMO label group to rally in Hartford - 12/11/12

Genetically modified crops remix final - 12/11/12

Food safety group calls for court to limit GMO seed patents - 12/10/12

New Evidence of Voting Fraud with Prop 37 Initiative to Label GMO's - 12/10/12

UK - Environment Secretary Paterson backs GM crops - 12/10/12

Owen Paterson wrong on GM crops - 12/10/12

Lose weight by eating organic foods - 12/10/12


Soil Association response to Owen Paterson GM crop comments - 12/10/12

Food Democracy Now calling Prop 37 election vote fraud - 12/10/12

Costa Rica may be changing stance on GMOs - 12/10/12

Workshop organised on Food Safety in PU - 12/10/12

Did Vote Count Fraud Take Place with Prop. 37 (GMO lableing)? And Is the Secretary of State of California Involved? - 12/9/12

New Evidence of Voting Fraud with Prop 37 Initiative to Label GMO's - 12/9/12

Seralini Paper Influences Kenya Ban of GMO Imports - 12/9/12

Vt. agriculture is on Legislature's agenda - 12/9/12

Dr. Oz allegedly supports Monsanto and GMO- 12/8/12

Op-Ed: Proposition 37 — possible that election fraud made it fail - 12/7/12

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Organic Consumers Association calls out Dr. Oz for 'flip-flopping' with high-profile attacks on organics - 12/7/12

5 ways the Safe Chemicals Act can benefit business - 12/7/12

Polish PM believes GM crops will be banned in Poland - 12/7/12

Grassroot Perspective: Remembering Pearl Harbor, Genetically Modified Mosquitoes and Australia Readies For Apocalypse 12/7/12

Genetically Modified Foods – An Overview of the Safety and LabelingRequirements in Canada

FCA approves additive for use in food wash water - 12/7/12

Listen Live - Raw Vegan Radio

Organic Farm Solutions

Green America

Tell Congress to Dump Monsanto's Riders! - 12/7/12

Cheerios Facebook Page Flooded by Anti-GMO Comments - 12/7/12

An Update on the Naked Juice and Kashi Class Action Lawsuits - 12/7/12

(PETITION) Prop 37 Election Fraud - 12/7/12

BREAKING: Prop 37 election fraud? - 12/6/12

Gene-altered mosquitoes could be used vs. dengue - 12/6/12

The fine print on gluten-free packaged foods - 12/6/12

The growing doubt over GM crops - 12/6/12

Illegal GM sugar beet plantings spur GMO-free initiative in Oregon - 12/6/12

Kenya bans imports for genetically modified foods - 12/6/12

GM food threatens Russia - 12/6/12


Food safety fail: Why isn't the agency in charge of keeping us safe succeeding? - 12/6/12

Green Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Presents For The Whole Family - 12/6/12

Debate over GMO labeling law in Vermont - 12/6/12

The growing doubt over GM crops - 12/6/12

How to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products - 12/5/12

Genetically engineered babies unless you act now! - 12/5/12

Dreaming Of An Organic Christmas. . .Tree? - 12/5/12

GMO–salmon in headlines now, but this is just a start - 12/5/12

March against Monsanto GMO's reaches San Jose, decision stalled - 12/5/12

GMO Free CT sponsors educational documentary showings tonight, rally next week - 12/5/12

Farmers Continue to Fight Monsanto's Threats, Intimidation - 12/5/12

There are genetically modified plants & vegetables, now are salmon next? - 12/5/12

- 12/4/12

Action Alert: Tell Congress to Dump the Monsanto Rider - 12/4/14

Monsanto to receive huge government bailout from European Union - 12/4/12

Tell Congress to Dump Monsanto's Rider! - 12/4/12

Is Michelle Obama's 'natural food' campaign designed to the hide the White House attack on organic food? - 12/4/12

Monsanto's Sneaky New Bill - 12/4/12

Stop The Monsanto Protection Act - 12/4/12

Future of genetically-modified salmon in doubt - 12/4/12

The Battle to Label GM Foods - 12/4/12

Geoengineering: A Dire Threat to the Planet - 12/4/12

GMO Riders Could Be Back in "Fiscal Cliff" Funding Package
- 12/4/12

Peru Imposes 10-Year Ban on Genetically Engineered Foods - 12/4/12

Why It's Not Too Late to Win Prop 37 - 12/4/12

Tell Congress to Dump the Monsanto Rider - Weston A Price Foundation - 12/4/12

Iowa livestock producer claims operation lost due to GMO corn - 12/4/12

How Much Biotech is on our Plate? - 12/4/12

GMO Contamination? USDA Suggests Sticking Small Farmers With the Bill - 12/4/12

Dr. Oz Defends Monsanto: Eat GMO Foods, They're the Same as Non-GMO Organic - 12/3/12

Organic Farming Offers Opportunities to Kansas Farmers - 12/3/12

Indium-free Organic Light-emitting Diodes Developed By Scientists - 12/3/12

Peru Bans Monsanto and GMOs - 12/3/12

Natural Grocers Is Positioned To Take Advantage Of The Growing Organic Food Industry - 12/3/12

India: The growing doubt over GM crops - 12/3/12

Dr. Oz attacks organic foods, urges clueless consumers to eat more pesticides and GMO - 12/3/12


Are genetically modified crops finally on their way out of India? - 12/3/12

GMO labeling: City Council ignores pleas, public silenced - 12/2/12

Program trains farmworkers to be organic farmers - 12/2/12

Dramatic Health Recoveries Reported By Patients Who Took Their Doctor's Advice and Stopped Using GMO Foods

The growing doubt over GM crops - India - 12/2/12

Why Be GMO-Free? - 12/1/12

Africa Update – Calling for a GMO-Free Continent - 12/1/12

Dr. Oz Viciously Attacks Organic Foods And Farmers Markets, Pushes Feedlot Beef, Urges Clueless Consumers To Eat More Pesticides And GMO - 12/1/12

Could GM food be responsible for record low birth rates in the US? - 12/1/12

Pests Adapt to GMOs Requiring More Pesticides for GM Crops - 12/1/12