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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

February 2014

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Organic Farmer Taken to Court for Refusing to Spray Pesticides - 2/28/14

No GMO Russia - 2/28/14

Monsanto's Roundup Ready Linked To Kidney Disease [Study] - 2/27/14

USDA Reports Environmental Risks from GMO Crops - 2/28/14

German poultry industry gives up GMO-free promise - 2/27/14

"Yoga Mat" Chemical Found In Nearly 500 Foods - 2/27/14

Govt moves closer to allow field trials for GM crops in India - 2/26/14

California Senator Introduces GMO Food Labeling Bill - 2/26/14

Sign Up For Our Weekly Newsletter Maui News News ADVERTISEMENT 5 Maui Residents File GMO Petition - 2/25/14

EPA Approves Unlimited Amounts of GMO Bt Toxin Pesticide in Your Food - 2/25/14

Risky Business: UK Company Plans to Release GMO Mosquitoes in Panama - 2/25/14

'Designer Babies': FDA May Allow Researchers To Create Genetically Modified Baby, Free Of Hereditary Disease - 2/25/14

USDA Policy Fails to Address GMO Contamination of Organi Crops - 2/25/14

More Cracks Appear in GMO Wall - 2/24/14

Despite Majority Opposition, GMO Corn Gets Green Light in Europe - 2/24/14

What MUST Be Done to Stop the GMO Threat to Our Food Supply: Coexistence is Not an Option - 2/23/14

World grain traders won't purchase new GMO trait until proved harmless - 2/23/14

French government moves to reintroduce ban on GM crops - 2/23/14

Medical patients who follow strict GMO-free diets experience dramatic health recovery - 2/22/14

Center for Food Safety Sues FDA Over Food Additives - 2/22/14

PERFECT TIMING: 'The Daily Show' films GMO segment in Kona - 2/22/14

GMO Livestock Vaccines OK for USDA Organic Production - 2/21/14

GMO soybean pollen is contaminating Mexican honey - 2/21/14


CA senator introdues GE labeling bill SB 1381: 'A simpler, cleaner version of Prop 37' - 2/21/14

New EWG Guide Aims to Help Shoppers Avoid GE Food - 2/20/14

France to Tell GMOs 'Au Revoir' by Restoring GMO Ban - 2/20/14

General Mills says 'no' to formulating more G.M.O.-free products - 2/18/14

USDA wants to hear from you: How Should GMO Seeds Be Regulated? - 2/18/14

USDA wants to hear from you: How Should GMO Seeds Be Regulated? - 2/18/14

The Next GMO Battegrounds: New York State & Maryland - 2/18/14


GMOs Are Killing the Bees, Butterflies, Birds and ...? - 2/17/14

NEW GMO Study, DNA Radiation - 2/17/14

EPA Approves GMO Bt Toxin Resideues in Your Food - 2/17/14

Organic farmer sues GM farmer for 'contaminating crop' in landmark case - 2/14/14

Next GMO Battleground Could Be New York State - 2/14/14

bee maskFor Whom the Bee Tolls

Scientists Recruit Sick Patients to Test New GMO Purple Tomato - 2/14/14

'GMO products cause cancer and obesity' - food safety expert - 2/14/14

Too Big to Fail Organic? Horizon Factory Farm Accused of Skirting Laws - 2/14/14

Monsanto's GMO Seeds May No Longer Be Invincible - 2/13/14

European Union gives controversial go-ahead to U.S. firm's GMO - 2/13/14

Golden Rice - a complex tangle of unanswered questions - 2/13/14

Massive GMO crop failure in Philippines - 2/13/14

Farmers Fight World's First Landmark GMO Cross-Pollination Contamination Case - 2/13/14

Starbucks openly admits to using carcinogenic shoe chemical in China stores - 2/13/14

REFILE--GMO group intensifies social media push for U.S. consumer acceptance - 2/13/14

Voluntary Instead of Mandated GMO Food Labeling: The Industry's Latest Ploy - 2/12/14

What the FDA Knew (and Hid) about Antibiotics in Animal Feed - 2/12/14

Growing Interest in Non-GMO Grain Production - 2/12/14

Urgent Memo to Biotech Pioneers: Life Is More Than a DNA Sequence - 2/12/14

It's Official: Monsanto Wants FDA Preemption on GMO Labeling - 2/12/14


food banRussian Bill Would Mean Major GMO Ban - 2/11/14

Hawaiian 'Right to Farm Bill' Would Block Local Pesticide/GMO Bans
- 2/11/14

resistantNew GMOs: Agent Orange Resistant Soy & Corn

Coming to a cosmetic near you – risky GMO ingredients - 2/11/14

France plans law to restore GMO crop ban - 2/11/14

GMO does not solve the world food problem, but creates new problems - 2/11/14

Pro-GMO Propaganda Given to 8th Grader in School - 2/10/14

NY - Supporters push GMO labeling bill - 2/10/14

Russian ecologists push for GMO crops ban - 2/10/14

Is Wheat the Next Big GMO for Monsanto Company? - 2/10/14

Russia Consideres Complete Ban on GM Food Production - 2/9/14

Landmark GM canola case to rest on negligence principle - 2/10/14

Four gluten-free myths debunked - 2/10/14

Voluntary Instead of Mandated GMO Food Labeling: The Industry's Latest Ploy - 2/10/14

Tobacco (Likely GMO) Virus Found to be Killing the Honeybees - 2/10/14

Dr Gab-Alla: GM Maize Toxic to Rats

Monsanto's RounkdUp (Glyphosate) Threatens Ocean Life, Coral Reefs - 2/9/14

New Zealand Court Gives Local Councils GMO Protection Rights - 2/10/14

EU farmers push TTIP agenda – EPA overridden on fluoride-based fumigant – Vt. & Md. GMO-labeling bills advance - 2/10/14

Tracing Food Controversies Back to GRAS - 2/10/14

Vermont Senate panel votes 4-1 to advance GMO labeling - 2/7/14

Say no to GMO in the pacific - 2/6/14

.Are Genetically Engineered Foods Promoting Autism?

Monsanto Protestors Arrested Outside Shareholder Meeting - 2/6/14

Subway Pulls Shocking Chemical also Used in Yoga Mats and Shoes - 2/6/14

Syngenta says 'sold out' of GMO corn trait banned by China - 2/5/14

Syngenta says 'sold out' of GMO corn trait banned by China - 2/5/14

"297 scientists, experts sign statement: GMOs not proven safe" by Jon Rappoport - 2/5/14

"297 scientists, experts sign statement: GMOs not proven safe" by Jon Rappoport - 2/5/14

FDA wants trans fats out of food, but what else? - 2/5/14

Say no to GMO in the pacific - 2/5/14

FDA wants trans fats out of food, but what else? - 2/5/14

McDonald's, Domino's, Wendy's Using Silly Putty Food Additive - 2/3/14

'Natural' means whatever food marketers want it to mean, says new organic food campaign - 2/4/14


A Funny Video That Makes You Never Want To Fall For This Natural Lie Again

Agent Orange GMO seeds one step closer to USDA approval

The US Department of Agricultural is seriously considering approving of different kinds of corn and soybean seed, which have been genetically engineered to be resistant to many herbicides—including the chemical known as ... :::


Condemn Lobbyists for Preventing GMO Label Laws - 2/3/14

New Monsanto Protection Act – this time in Hawaii - 2/4/14

A Hole in the Regulation of GMOs that Kudzu Could Fit Through - 2/3/14

Roundup is more toxic than declared proves new Séralini study - 2/3/14

WTF? PepsiCo Rebrands 'Natural' GMO Products as 'Simply' - 2/3/14

Monsanto supports Butterfly House while its products kill Monarchs - 2/3/14

State Duma offers bill banning Russian production of GMO - 2/3/14

Top 3 Healthy Non-GMO Cooking Oils - 2/2/14

GMO Sugar Beet Industry Contributes $55,000 to Defeat GMO Labeling Laws - 2/1/14

12 Fish to Stay Away From

ESSAY OF THE WEEK Monsanto's Evil Twin