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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

February 2016

This website will bring you as much information as we can find to this single, convenient location. Email us if you find other sources we have missed.
Below are older articles from our front page.

New FDA Commissioner Has Ties to Big Pharma - 2/26/16

A Major American Meat Company Is Going Big With Antibiotic-Free Pork - 2/26/16

Russia Bans US GMO Imports - 2/26/16

Scientists Raise Concerns Over Weed Killer Glyphosate in New Study - 2/25/16

Monsanto Feels the Bern as Sanders Turns Focus to GMO Labeling - 2/25/16

monsanto banned

Demand for Organics Shows *No Sign of Slowing* After Double Digit Growth - Sorry Monsanto... (but not really) - 2/24/16

URGENT—Bad GMO Bill on Fast Track - 2/22/16

New Bill Reintroduces the DARK Act - 2/22/16

India’s Food Supply at Risk of GMO Contamination After Lifting 16-Year Corn Import Ban - 2/18/16

FDA to test food for Monsanto weedkiller - 2/18/16

ISU still plans GMO banana trial, desp/ite controversy - 2/17/16

Monsanto Announces Plans for $140 Million GMO Cotton Seed Plant in Texas - 2-17/16

foods cause

Russia Bans All U.S. Corn and Soy Imports Due to GMO Contamination - 2/15/16

why not USA

Aldi bans neonicotinoids, goes organic, rivals Whole Foods as healthiest grocery store - 2/9/16

Neil Young Takes His Anti-Monsanto Message on the Road - 2/8/16

Heinz GMO ketchup banned by Israel for containing too much HFCS, not enough tomatoes - 2/8/16

Health Food for the Price of Fast Food: New Company Makes it Possible - 2/6/16

Huge: Monsanto Sues California to Keep Round Up Off Carcinogen List - 2/5/16

Big Food Trickery? SmartLabels to Act as ‘Real’ GMO Labeling - 2/3/16

Monsanto’s Glyphosate Most Heavily Used Weed Killer in History - 2/3/16

Not Science Fiction: Biotech Industry Pushing ‘GM 2.0’ Across Europe - 2/3/16

weed killer

A Probable Carcinogen Is Now the Most Heavily Used Weed Killer in History - 2/2/16

New FDA Import Ban Means GMO Salmon Won’t Be Sold in U.S. Anytime Soon - 2/1/16

Burkina Faso Abandons GMO Cotton in Blow to Biotech’s Africa Plans - 2/1/16

British scientists granted permission to genetically modify human embryos - 2/1/16

Zika Virus Cause: GMO Mosquitoes Triggered Brazil Outbreak? Altered Mosquitoes Released in 2012 -- Details - 2/1/16