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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

What does GMO mean? Genetically Modified Organism is the most common usage. The acronyms GEO (Genetically Engineered Organism) or simply GM or GE are also used. Genetic modification of food is not new. For centuries, food crops and animals have been altered through selective breeding. While genes can be transferred during selective breeding, the scope for exchanging genetic material is much wider using genetic engineering. In theory, genetic engineering allows genetic material to be transferred between any organism, including between plants and animals. For example, the gene from a fish that lives in very cold seas has been inserted into a strawberry, allowing the fruit to be frost-tolerant. Fascinating. But more so, it's scary. The most common genetically modified (GM) organisms are crop plants. Right now, we have the choice to avoid GMOs . We can choose organic products, which, by law, are required to be grown and processed without the use of GMOs. We also have the right to know what we are eating, and the right to make informed choices about what we eat. This website acts as a clearinghouse and brings you as much information as we can find to this single, convenient location. Email us if you find other sources we have missed.

International French Chef Alain Braux
Paleo French Cuisine

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Are we allergic to food? Or are we allergic to what’s been done to it?