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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

January 2013

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BASF stops seeking approval for GM potato in Europe but continues business in US - 1/31/13

Why Greenpeace opposes genetically modified crops (2 letters) - 1/30/13

MO - Nasheed proposes bill requiring GMO labeling - 1/29/13

BASF Gives Up Seeking Approval for GMO Potatoes in Europe - 1/29/13

Movement to label GMOs gains momentum - FL - 1/29/13

Missouri next battleground state for GMO labeling - 1/28/13

EU GMO Freeze - 1/28/13

GMO Salmon Concerns Scientists - 1/27/13

Ben & Jerry's supports GMO labeling - 1/26/13

Are Walmart and Big Food pushing for GMO labeling? - 1/25/13

PepsiCo Will Halt Use of Additive in Gatorade - 1/25/13

Pepsi voluntarily removes chemical additive from Gatorade (Video) - 1/25/13

From non-GMO to Gluten-Free: sales of natural products with third party certifications surge in 2012 - 1/25/13

GMO Labeling Campaign Promises To Be Back in 2014 - 1/25/13

Honey Love: Backwards Beekeepers - 1/25/13

Biodynamic /Permaculture Farmstead Internship. Port Townsend, WA - 1/25/13

Interview: Robyn O'Brien, Author of The Unhealthy Truth (Part I) - 1/25/13

GMO Free Connecticut holds organizational meeting - 1/25/13

What's so bad about food additives? - 1/25/13

GMO's - President Obama Continues To Allow GMO's To Poison America Despite Evidence Of Deadly Health Consequences - 1/25/13

Ben & Jerry's Supports GMO Right-to-Know Labeling Movement - 1/24/13

Independent Experts Identify Dangerous Viral Gene in GM Foods
- 1/24/13

GMO Inside Calls for U.S. Cereal Giants to Remove GMOs or Label Products

GMO-free Mindoro fights back - 1/24/13

Hunger Strike Aims to Stop GMO Corn in Mexico - 1/24/13

Dow's controversial new GMO corn delayed amid protests - 1/24/13

Ag-Gag Bills: Another Assault by Corporations on Consumers' Right to Know - 1/24/13

Missouri next battleground state for GMO labeling - 1/24/13

From Tarrytown to the Farm…Raising One Tasty Organic Chicken - 1/24/13

Do you care if your dinner is genetically engineered? - 1/24/13

Food And Water Watch Group To Host Meeting About Genetically Modified Foods, Labeling In Glastonbury 1/23/13

Mexico: Hunger Strike Against GMO Corn - 1/23/13

Kellogg and General Mills defend themselves against January anti-GMO campaign - 1/23/13

Soy: The Facts on Deforestation, GM Crops and 5 Tips For Responsible Consumption - 1/23/13

The Maize Manifesto: No to GMO Maiz - 1/23/13

Peasant Leaders Stage Hunger Strike Against Genetically Modified Corn - 1/23/13

Statement on Initiative 522 Requiring Labeling on Genetically Engineered (GMO) Food - 1/23/13

Seven ways GMO toxicity affects animals, plants and soil - 1/23/13

Food Additives Could Be Hazardous to Health - 1/23/13

The San Juans are GMO-free. Is Washington next? - 1/23/13

EU Has No Plans To Push Approval for GMO Crops - 1/22/13

Researchers call for holistic approach to children's additive exposure risk. - 1/22/13

EU freezes approval of GM crops to 2014 - 1/22/13

Seedy Affairs - GM CROPS PART 1: What are GM crops?
Seedy Affairs - GM CROPS PART 2: Why do we need to improve our crops? What's wrong with the way they are now?

Boycott Kellogg's for Refusing to Label Genetically Modified Ingredients

Andalou Naturals is Non-GMO - 1/21/13

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene In GMO Crops - 1/21/13

GMO Toxicity Affects Animals, Plants, and Soil - 1/20/13


Reclaiming our imaginations (and land) from GMO/chemical companies - 1/20/13

Food for thought: Genetically engineered crops, GMOs and the need to know what we're eating - 1/19/13

Poland is the Most Recent Country to Ban GMO Cultivation - 1/19/13

Shiva brings anti-GMO message to Kaua'i - 1/19/13

NM - Bill would require labeling of genetically modified food - 1/19/13

Monarch Butterflies in Decline Due to Proliferation of GM Crops
- 1/18/13

Climate-Friendly Food and Farming: Why We Need Labels on Factory-Farmed Food

All Data Released by EU on GM Corn Linked to Cancer

Beekeeping: It's worth it to try, try again - 1/18/13

Articles on Bee Keeping

The 2013 GMO Fight - 1/18/13

NM - 2013 Legislature: First-of-its-kind amendment would require labeling for GMOs - 1/18/13

Dow's controversial new GMO corn delayed amid protests - 1/18/13

GMO Toxicity Affects Animals, Plants, and Soil - 1/18/13

EU asks citizens to join debate on GM food - 1/17/13

Metchosin envisions GMO-free Island - 1/17/13

Plant Sex: Open Pollinated, Hybrid and GMO Seeds - 1/17/13

Coalition asks cereal companies to get the GMOs off the breakfast table - 1/17/13

FDA ruling on GMO salmon worries Alaska fishermen - 1/17/13

Are Walmart and Big Food Lobbying for a GMO Labeling Law? - 1/17/13

Fresh Start For 2013 - National Coalition Calls On US Cereal Giants To Take GMOs Out Of Our Breakfasts - 1/17/13

GMOs: We need to go way beyond labeling to keep any healthy food - 1/17/13

North Okanagan pushed to ban genetically modified crops - 1/17/13

GMO Research to Establish Joint Venture Company in China - 1/16/13

Tony the Tiger
Best Guess: 60% of everything in Whole Foods is GMO. - 1/15/13

A Food Additive From Human Hair!! - 1/15/13

Saffron Road Introduces First Non-GMO Project Verified Frozen Entrée in the USA - 1/16/13

Boycotting organic brands is a self-defeating initiative - 1/16/13

Non-GMO labeling – the next cosmetic certification trend? - 1/16/13

Saffron Road Introduces First Non-GMO Project Verified Frozen Entrée in the USA - 1/16/13

RYE-sing Above G.M.O.'s - 1/15/16

Herbie 101 Series: Soy & GMO - 1/15/13

Organic vs. GMO Foods

13 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S. - 1/15/13

Breakthrough beauty brand Andalou Naturals achieves Non-GMO Project verification - 1/15/13

GMO laws spread to Washington and New Mexico - 1/15/13

non gmo project
Battle over labeling genetically modified food moves to Washington state - 1/14/13

I need to talk GMO's with other aware Mama's! - 1/14/13

GMO Debate Rages On After Prop 37 Failure - 1/14/13

The debate about GMO labeling, on-going in several American states with varying results, introduces an ethical battle with a wider significance - 1/14/13

Why 'natural' beekeeping could save our honey-making friends - 1/14/13

Activists call for no GMO foods at President Obama Inauguration (Video) - 1/14/13

Organic Farming

Are Coca-Cola and Pepsi Lobbying the FDA for a GMO Labeling Law? - 1/13/13

food lawn
GMOs, school lunch, and food as lawns to trend in 2013
- 1/13/13

Help to avoid food additives - 1/12/13

Maine farmers suing Monsanto over GMO patents - 1/11/13

Toxicity confirmed for GMO and Roundup - Seralini press conference - 1/11/13

Southern Oregon County Will Consider GMO Ban In 2014 - 1/11/13

Food Additive Calcium Chloride

Testing Food Additives on Dogs - Beagles being used by food industry - 1/11/13

The drinks guide: organic and biodynamic wine - 1/11/13

Voters Will See GMO Measure In 2014 - 1/11/13

Farmers challenge Monsanto in federal court over GMO seeds, seek legal protection - 1/10/13

GMO Labeling, The Next Generation - 1/10/13
What is I-522?

S. Ore. measure to ban GMO crops makes ballot - 1/10/13

Starting Out Going Additive Free Part 1 - 1/7/13
Starting Out Going Additive Free Part 2- 1/10/13

Are Wal-Mart and Big Food Lobbying the FDA for a GMO Labeling Law? - 1/10/13

Hundreds Protest Demanding Monsanto End Intimidation Campaign Over GMOs and Obama Halt Approval of GE Foods - 1/10/13

GMO labeling proposal headed to ballot in Washington state - 1/10/13

Non-GMO labels reach more store shelves - 1/10/13

India Signs Mandatory GMO Labeling into Law - 1/10/13

label it
If It's GMO, We Want To Know!

GMO ban makes it to Jackson County ballot The genetically modified organisms ban will go to voters in 2014 - 1/10/13

Biodynamic farming - 1/10/13

India Signs Mandatory GMO Labeling into Law - 1/10/13

Research Revisiting the Safety of GM Weevil-Resistant Peas in Mice Contradicts Previous Risk Assessment Findings - 1/10/13

Saying 'no' to methyl iodide, worldwide - 1/10/13

GMO-related appeal to be heard in DC - 1/1013

Effects of Food Additives - Negative Impact on Weight Loss Diets

Vandana Shiva at Hawaii State Capitol GMO Labeling Rally (video) - 1/10/13

Diet Soda Linked to Depression in NIH Study - 1/9/13

Cheerios' Anti-GMO Social Media Crisis - 1/9/13

Natural Shelf-life Extension Food Additives Set to Overtake Synthetic Antioxidants, Finds Frost & Sullivan - 1/9/13

New Mexico GMO labeling bill heads for state legislature - 1/9/13

China 'Gave N.Korea GMO Grain Since 2004' - 1/9/13

Threat to global GM soybean access as patent nears expiry - 1/9/13

Threat to global GM soybean access as patent nears expiry - 1/9/13

New Mexico Joins California, Washington in GMO Labeling Efforts - 1/9/13

GMO food fight: Round two 2013 - 1/9/13

Saffron Road™, the packaged food brand of American Halal Co., launches the first Non-GMO Verified Frozen Entrée in the USA - 1/9/13

Obama's Science Commitment, FDA Face Ethics Scrutiny in Wake of GMO Salmon Fiasco - 1/9/13

Mail Order Sources

VT - Update: Back to work! GMO Labeling, Raw Milk and YOU - 1/9/13

GMO food labeling attracting attention of lawmakers - 1/9/13

GMO Labeling Isn't Dead: See Which States Are Leading the Fight - 1/8/13

GMO Labeling

RODALE - Where Health Meets Life

Poland Bans Genetically Modified Crops - 1/8/13

gmo labels
Stop Wearing Black: GMO Labeling Isn't Dead Yet
- 1/8/13

E-15 "Fuel"/GMO Is Being Canceled. USA: Stop Growing MONSANTO - 1/8/13

Senator Begich Works to Protect Salmon and Fights GMO Salmon - 1/8/13

How the US is behind the rest of t he world in GMO policy - 1/8/13

The Necessary GMO Ban – Labeling GMOs Won't Stall Monsanto - 1/8/13

Eight European countries ban genetically modified crops, Poland the latest - 1/8/13

Ben & Jerry's corporate parent, Unilever, spent $467,000 against GMO labeling in California - 1/8/13

Battle over biotech crops to continue - 1/8/13

GMO bans on in Poland, off in Russia - 1/7/13


Hybrid Foods: Genetically modified foods are full of controversy. - 1/7/13

Get the buzz on beekeeping - 1/7/13

The healing power of honey: From burns to weak bones, raw honey can help

GMO food, health care remain hot-button issues - 1/7/13

Poland bans cultivation of GM crops - 1/7/13

New Study: High-Fructose Diet Makes You Stupid

5 Steps for Avoiding and Detoxing the Bt-Toxin Found in GMO Crops - 1/7/13

USDA Funds GMO Pigs, as Meat Consumption Declines and Organic Market Booms - 1/5/13

Food Additives Affect Behavior - 1/5/13

GMO food, health care remain hot-button issues - 1/5/13

Citizens Call for GMO Labeling in Washington – The Movement Continues - 1/5/13

The year the GM machine can be derailed - 1/5/13

Demand growing for non-GMO corn seed - 1/4/13

Top 10 Cereals That Contain GMOs - 1/4/13

GMO Truths and Consequences

Are You Ready for GMO Surf-and-Turf? - 1/4/13

GMO Salmon Would Be Approved as 'New Animal Drug' - 1/4/13

Support GMO cancer research - 1/4/13

Genetically-Modified Food Labeling Measure To Likely Qualify For Washington State Ballot
- 1/4/13

Round Two GMO Food Fight - 1/413

State may vote on GMO labeling - 1/4/13

2013 non-GMO and organic grain contracts - 1/4/13

GMO opponents paint Po'ipu Bypass Road - 1/4/12

In 2013, Our Fight Against GMO Food Continues - 1/3/13

CT - GMO foods to be subject of two Ledyard events Read more: GMO foods to be subject of two Ledyard events - 1/3/13

Genetic Engineering and the GMO Industry: Corporate Hijacking of Food and Agriculture - 1/3/13

Wa State activists submit GMO labeling legislation
- 1/3/13

Washington voters could decide to label genetically modified food - 1/3/13

Poland bans GMO corn and potatoes - 1/3/13

The 10 Biggest GMO PR disasters of 2012 - 1/3/13

GMO-ban supporters march on courthouse
- 1/3/13

6 Reasons GMO Labeling Will Pass in Washington State - 1/3/13

Poland becomes eighth EU country to ban Monsanto maize - 1/2/13

White House Arrests GMO Petitioner Alexis Banen-Mayer - 1/2/13

In Latin America, a growing backlash against genetically modified food - 1/2/13

Initiative to require labeling GMO food to be submitted - 1/2/13

The three best non-GMO health food brands available in 2013: An independent review - 1/2/13

Initiative would ban GMO foods in Jackson County - 1/2/13

GMO ban supporters flock to Jackson County offices - 1/2/13

Farmers hope to ban genetically modified crops - 1/2/13

A GMO-Free Grocery List What Foods You Should Avoid - 1/13

GMO Food Fight: Round Two 2013

GMOs? No thanks