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The Fight Against GMOs and Additives

March 2014

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Below are older articles from our front page.

New Monsanto non-GMO strains of produce are a ploy to confuse public between hybrid and GMO - 3/31/14

Organic Consumers Association Responds to FDA Push for Voluntary GMO Labeling and Safety Claims - 3/28/14

South Africa to Monsanto: GMO Crops Aren't Producing More Sustainable Food

GMO Canola Truck Crashes in Australia: Senator Says 'Should Be Treated As a Serious Biohazard' - 3/28/14

Stop Monsanto's Attack on Democracy

Chile Derails 'Monsanto Law' That Would Privatize

Brazil Seeks Ban on Monsanto Herbicide Due to Alarming Toxicity Risks - 3/28/14

SA's new agriculture minister questions GM crops - 3/27/14

25 drug companies to phase out animal antibiotics (Associated Press) - 3/27/14

Chile Derails 'Monsanto Law' That Would Privatize Seeds - 3/28/14

25 drug companies to phase out animal antibiotics (Associated Press) - 3/27/14

State Sen. Noreen Evans' GMO food-labeling bill clears state Senate committee (w/video) - 3/26/14

Dow: The Other Monsanto - 3/26/14

Monsanto threatens to Sue over GMO Labeling in Vermont - 3/26/14

GMO Farmer in Texas Realizes GMO Dangers, Works to Educate Others - 3/26/14

Monsanto threatens to Sue over GMO Labeling in Vermont - 3/26/14

GMO Farmer in Texas Realizes GMO Dangers, Works to Educate Others - 3/26/14

The real reason we should be wary of GM crops - 3/26/14

UPDATE 1-China rejects more U.S. corn due to GMO as state sales approach - 3/25/14

UPDATE 1-China rejects more U.S. corn due to GMO as state sales approach - 3/25/14

Agriculture chief asked to scrap plan to commercialize 'golden rice' - 3/24/14

Gavilon calls on U.S. farm sector to deal with unapproved GMO crops - 3/24/14

Monsanto Threatens to Sue over GMO Labeling in Vermont - 3/24/14

Dirty Dairy: How US Milk Got Hopped Up on a Hormone Banned in Other Countries - 3/24/14

FDA considers approval of genetically modified babies - 3/24/14

Scientists Fuming Over FDA's Annoncement that Plastic additive Safe

Save Lady Bugs from Genetically Modified Crops - 3/22/14

Syngenta Halts GMO corn Seed Sales in Canada Due to Importer Resistance - 3/22/14

New FDA Food Label Rules Ignore the GMO Elephant in the Room - 3/20/14

Dr. Oz. No to GMOs: The Global Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing the Truth About Your Food

Reports show lax enforcement of biotech rules - 3/20/14

South Africa: Monsanto Forced to Withdraw Unsubstantiated Advertising Claims On Benefits of GM Crops-Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa - 3/20/14

What to Plant in Your Garden to Help Save the Bees - 3/20/14

nongmo'Non-GMO' to Trump 'Organic' as New Consumer Buzz word in 2014 - 3/19/14

These GMO companies are terrified of being held accountable, so let's stoke the fire under them, and spread the word far and wide - 3/18/14

Sound Bites: GMO Labeling/Environmental News/Black Liquor/Pesticides & Children's Brain - 3/18/14

France Stands Up to Monsanto, Bans Seed Giant' GMO Corn - 3/18/14

A Call To Ban GMO Seed & Landscaping Plants In Connecticut - 3/17/14

Mayans Win Huge Battle to Ban GMO Soy CropsBerkshire lawmakers favor laws on GMO labeling - 3/17/14

WTF? USDA Suggests Consumers Use Smart Phones to Find Out if Foods are GMO - 3/17/14

Why GMO Trees Will Destroy Forest Biodiversity & Life on Earth - 3/16/14

More than 100 Group Ak Obama to Halt FUnky Chicken Rules - 3/16/14

'Big Food Ready' for Costly Battle as States Conider GMO Labeling Bills - 3/16/14

France bans Monsanto GM maize ahead of sowing season - 3/15/14

Ban proposed on herbicides and modified grass seed - 3/15/14

Steady increase in incidents of genetically modified crops found in traded food, UN agency reports - 3/15/14

cowGM Cow a Step Closer to Commercial Pastures - 3/15/14

New Lawsuit Filed against USDA over Missing Docs Showing GMO Dangers - 3/15/14

GMO Pesticide-Resitant Crop Prompt Widepsread Backlash Due to Environmental and Health Risks - 3/14/15

Should You Plate Up Genetically-Modified Salmon? Kroger and Safeway are the latest major supermarkets to reject controversial seafood. - 3/14/15

healthy cowStudy Suggests Organic Milk Has Better Balance of Healthful Fats, Is Healthier - 3/13/14

How to Keep Monsanto OUT of your Home Garden

Europe Installs Raw Milk vending Machines, while US Rules Unpasteurized Dairy Illegal - 3/13/14

Monsanto Latte? Consumers Tell Starbucks to Go Organic and Drop GMO-Milk - 3/12/14

Queensland University of Technology: Taking genetic modification to a new level - 3/11/14

Seafood Mercury Levels Trigger Federal Lawsuit Against FDA - 3/11/14

UK Government Pressed on Pro-GM Position - 3/11/14

NJ farmers need Sweeney's support on GMO labeling: Opinion - 3/11/14

GMOs Are Killing Our Lady Bugs, Attacking Biodiversity - 3/11/14

It's Time for Maryland's Factory Farms to Pay Their Fair Share - 3/10/14

Peticides Destroy Bee' Ability to Carry Pollen, Protein - 3/9/14

Maui citizens' group launches petition to suspend GMO production - 3/10/14

USDA to Allow chickens From U.S. to be Shipped to China for Proecesing and Back to U.S. for consumption, Just Like Seafood - 3/9/14


N.S. growers say no to GMO apples - 3/8/14

Why We Need Labels on Food from Factory Farms - 3/8/14

Brazilian activists launch petition to stop approval of GMO 'Terminator' seeds - 3/7/14

Huge: China Refused 887,000 Tons of US GMO Corn, but May Accept Syngenta's MIR162 corn - 3/7/14

America using GMOs to control the world - Akosa - 3/7/14

Key Vote in Albany Tomorrow on Genetically Engineered Food Labels - 3/7/14

A GMO Scientist Becomes a GMO Skeptic

05/03/2014 - Kyrgyzstan mulls banning GMO products - 3/6/14

GMOs: Ban Them or Label Them? - 3/6/14


Renowned Expert: GMOs Pose More Risk Than We Think - 3/5/14

Antibiotics a Risk to Human Health - 3/5/14

Obama's GMO Label Law Betrayal Evident In New Nutrition Label Proposal - 3/5/14

Who Owns Organic Now? The Corporate Takeover of Organics by the Big GMO Food Conglomerates - 3/5/14

The Indian voter has no confidence in GM crops or its regulator - 3/4/14

Dr. Bronner's Soap Pumps $100k Into Anti-GMO Measure - 3/4/14

The Next Prop 37: New 'Cleaner' GMO Labeling Bill Introduced in California - 3/4/14

On second check, GMOs are a concern - 3/4/14

Starbucks asked to remove GMO dairy milk - 3/4/14

U.S. Farmers Report Widespread GM Crop Contamination - 3/3/14

Survey: Organic Farmers Pay the Price for GMO Contamination - 3/3/14

Former Genetic Engineer and PhDSpeaks Out About GMO Dangers,, Goes Organic - 3/3/14

Safeway and Kroger say "No" to GMO salmon - 3/3/14

Tara Cook-Littman: GMO activist becomes candidate - 3/3/14

Boiling Frogs Examins Questionable Science Behind GMO Food - 3/2/14

GMO Crops: Five New Reasons Monsanto's 'Science' Doesn't Add Up - 3/2/14

"DOW" = Destroying Our World - a project of Center for Food Safety

Contamination and Bio-Pollution: The Criminality of the GM Biotech Industry - 3/1/14

Download The Shoppers Guide To Avoiding GMO Foods - 3/1/14

Are Genetically Engineered Foods Promoting Autism?

A Funny Video That Makes You Never Want To Fall For This Natural Lie Again

gmoFDA Delivers New Food Labels, but GMO Labels Are Missing - 3/2/14

New Government Study Reveals No Advantage To GMO Crops - 3/1/14